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    Canon 10x30 IS Image Stabilising Weather Resistant Binoculars

    See our Canon shop for full range of Canon products.
    Manufacturer Code: 2897A002
    082966301360 UPC : 082966301360
    Brand:  Canon
    RRP:  £567.19
    Sale Price:  £452.60
     Inc VAT 20%
    You Save:  £114.59




    The Canon 10x30 Image Stabiliser binocular10x30 is the most popular binocular in Canon IS series. The size, sharpness and affordable price made it top in the list of IS binoculars. The shape made it to fit hands and the centre focus knob and stabilizing activation button easily accessible. Canon 10x30 Image stabilizer binocular loved and praised by any user

    Description - Canon 10x30 IS Image Stabilising Weather Resistant Binoculars:
    new Binoculars 10x30 image stabiliser delivers best optical performance and unparalleled image stabilization capabilities at a very low price.

    Whether you are in the last row of stadium or at the water's edge, you'll get a close-up view of the action with the 10x30 Binoculars. The Canon 10x30 IS Binoculars are designed as such to fit perfectly in your hands. A textured rubber coating provides non-slip grip and protection from the elements, and the centre-mounted focus and Image Stabiliser controls are easily accessible from either hand. You'll appreciate these state-of-the-art Binoculars are different from the moment you look through their lens. Canon has combined the power of 10x magnification with its innovative Optical Image Stabilisation technology, proven highly successful in Canon camcorders and professional lenses, and a unique Doublet Field Flattener. The result is a high performance system that makes high magnification truly practical, eliminating shake and reducing curvature of field. The lenses of the Binoculars are even coated with Canon's unique Super Spectra multi-coating, another feature that improves overall image quality by maximizing contrast and minimizing colour smear. Canon 10x30 IS Binoculars gives you images of extraordinary quality that are sharp and distortion-free from edge to edge. Its advanced design also provides a long 14.5mm eye relief, making the 10x30 IS a great choice for full-time eyeglass wearers. The Canon 10x30 IS Binoculars let you be a part of the action even from a far distance.

    Optical Image Stabiliser Technology is used in Canon 10x30 IS for steady image. As with a number of the previous breakthroughs this innovation was introduced by Canon. You may not be able to tour Safari everyday. That's why the elegant Canon 10x30 IS Binoculars is equipped with Canon's acclaimed Optical Image Stabiliser technology that automatically detects and corrects shake. You can get the steady, crisp, brilliant images. Thanks to Canon

    Canon 10x30 is superb for air shows, nature trips and an excellent choice when visiting the race track or watching other spectator sports.

    Compare Nikon 10x42 Monarch water proof Binoculars with Canon 10x30 Binoculars if you wish to have a water proof Binoculars. Canon has a series of Image stabilised Binoculars like 8x25, 10x42, 15x50, 18x50 and 12x36 Binoculars. Even a slight shake of the hands will shake the image in the Binoculars a lot, but Canon's 10x30 solved this problem. The more influential the Binoculars, the Canon 10x30 extra hand vibrations are magnified. As a result, still a small shake of the hands will shake the image in Binoculars alot. Image shake quickly becomes unbearable, and you just can’t go after game action. though, with Canon 10x30 Binoculars you can get pleasure from your caffeine and still watch the game from the rear line of the sports ground. Canon 10x30 image-stabilized Binoculars present great optics, beside with outstanding digital “shake suppression," so the image in your binoculars forever looks stable to the eye.

    High-tech Tool of Canon 10x30:
    At the Stabilizer’s spirit are vertical and horizontal gyros that discover movement in any way. The quantity of shake is immediately calculated by a microcomputer, and the movement of Canon 10x30 is optimally counteracted, also through a set of vari-angle prisms or a tilt mechanism. In result, the brightness refraction of Canon 10x30 is changed so the image always is viewable, no matter how much you’ve overloaded up on coffee or cola.

    Superior Features of Canon 10x30:
    Furthermore, the lightweight Canon 10x30 IS Binoculars are well contoured to fit completely in your hands. A textured-rubber coating provide a non-slip hold and guard from the essentials, as well, and the center-mounted focal point adjuster and image stabilizer of Canon 10x30 controls are with no troubles easy to get to with either hand.

    Best of all, Canon 10x30 IS Binoculars are affordable. That means you be able to buy a couple and in fact have enough money gone to go to the game and make use of them!

    Features of
    Canon 10x30Canon 10x30:
    The 10x magnification in a compact design like provides superb distance viewing for a wide range of activities for the hobbyist or professional people. State-of-the-art technology delivers high quality optical performance in a package only 70% the size and 60% the weight of its predecessor, the Canon 15x45 IS Binoculars.

    Built-in Image Stabiliser technology, first developed for Canon video camcorders and lenses, has now been incorporated into the 10x30 IS to deliver shake-free performance. Functional from the moment it is turned on, the system employs a Vari-Angle prism, dual transparent plates, independent vertical and horizontal sensors and a dedicated microprocessor to continuously adjust the prism to maintain a steady image.

    Advanced Optical Design utilizing Canon's Super Spectra multi-coating and environmentally-friendly lea free glass provide refined optical performance. The 10x30 IS delivers sharp images without the discolouration and blurring common to other High-Magnification Binoculars.

    Doublet Field Flattener technology built into the eyepiece lens eliminates image distortion and curvature effects - even at the periphery, resulting in edge-to-edge sharpness unmatched by competing Binoculars.

    The Canon 10x30 IS has 14.5mm long Eye Relief means even eyeglass wearers can view the entire field without vignetting and minimizing eye strain.

    Superior Ergonomics means the 10x30 "IS" is compact and lightweight, weighing just 21 ounces or 630 grams. Its contoured body fits naturally in your hands, and it features a textured, water resistant coating.

    Minimize Shaking, Maximize Viewing

    Shaking occurs naturally when you hold Binoculars for an extended period of time. Wind, muscle fatigue and even excitement can contribute to "Binocular shake". The more powerful the Binoculars, the more pronounced the shake appears. It's tiring on your eyes, it's distracting, and it makes getting a good, sharp focus simply impossible. To solve this common problem, many Canon Binoculars are equipped with Image Stabilizer (IS) technologies. IS technologies have been brilliantly adapted specifically for Canon's Binoculars line like 10x30.



    For technical terms used for Canon 10x30 Binoculars please refer to Glossary


    Specifications - Canon 10x30 Image Stabilised Binoculars

    Type Porro Prism technology is used in Canon 10x30 IS
    Magnification 10x
    Objective Lens 30
    Filter Threads None
    Actual Field of View
    Apparent Field of View 60°
    Field of View at 1000m 105m
    Exit Pupil 3mm
    Eye Relief 14.5mm
    Eye Width Adjustment Range 55-75mm makes 10x30 easy to use
    Dioptric Adjustment 3+/- dioptre
    Closest Focusing Distance 4.2m
    Image Stabilization System Active optical compensation with Vari-angle prisms
    Field Flattener Yes
    Aspherical Lens No
    Coating Super Spectra
    Power Source Two AA-size batteries
    Dimensions of 10x30 Binoculars 150x127x70mm or 5.0x5.9x2.8 inches.
    Weight 600g

    More Technical Information

    Kit Contents
    Canon 10x30 IS Image Stabilized Binoculars
    Canon Binoculars case
    Canon Eye Caps
    Canon Neck Strap
    A pair of AA Size batteries
    Canon User Guide

    For more information about, Canon 10x30 IS Image Stabilising Weather Resistant Binoculars website.

    Canon 10x30 IS Image Stabilising Weather Resistant Binoculars Buy Canon 10x30 IS Image Stabilising Weather Resistant Binoculars + Related Products
    RRP:  £567.19
    Sale Price:  £452.60   
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    Customer Reviews on Canon 10x30 IS Image Stabilising Weather Resistant Binoculars

    5 out of 5 based on 1 reviews
    Review by ,    ,    Customer Rating:   5 of 5 Stars!

    I just wanted to recogniswe the fantastic service you give. I orderd a pair of Canon
    10x30 IS binoculars yesterday afternoon and they arrived 11.00am today (_24hrs). The
    person I spoke to was very curteous and knowledgable and the prices (including
    delivery) was very competitve; in fact I did not find a better price. Many thanks.
    JEA Kent April 2011

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    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 12 January, 2006.
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