Hoya 58mm HMC Circular Polarizer Multi-Coated Glass Filter

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Hoya 58mm HMC Circular Polarizer Multi-Coated Glass Filter:
Hoya 58mm HMC Circular Polarizer Multi-Coated Glass Filter is specifically designed for use with most of the auto focus SLR cameras. The Hoya filter is an essential accessory for capturing nature, travelling, landscape and marine and outdoor photography. The filter removes unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water or glass and also saturates colors providing better contrast. The polarizer helps make a blue sky more bluer as well as making clouds stand out. The effect can be seen through the viewfinder and changed by rotating the filter. The filter increases light transmission and colour saturation without affecting the overall colour balance. The filter transmits an average 97% light than a standard circular polarizer. The filter is made from high pressure press technology and features anti reflective multi-coating glass that assures maximum light transmission. With non-coated filters, light would reflect off the image sensor, bounce off the lens and filter elements and re-enter the image sensor, producing a ghost image and disturbing the quality of image. To eliminate the ghost effect, the multi-coating is applied that dramatically diminish this effect. The filter protect front lens surface from dust, scratches, dirt and fingerprints.

Features: Hoya 58MM Circular-Polarizer HMC (Multi-Coated)-Glass Filter

†Well known Hoya Multi-Coated (HMC) Filter with Diameter 58 mm

†Eliminate reflection from non Metallic Surface (Water ,Glass)

†Multi-Coating for Ghosting and Flare protection

Gives High Contrast , Sharp and Balanced colour

†Produce Average Light Transmission†of †97%

†Specifications: Hoya 58MM Circular Polarizer HMC (Multi-Coated)-Glass Filter

†Filter Type

†Circular Polarizer

†Thread Size



†For Flare and Ghost treatment

†Fitting Type



†Multi-Coated (HMC)

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