Hoya 72mm 1B HMC Skylight Filter

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Hoya 72mm 1B HMC Skylight Filter:
Hoya 72mm 1B HMC Skylight Filter is a lightweight and durable filter which is used to reduce the bluish cast of daylight and produces a pleasing, warmer picture tone due to its light pink colour. The filter is an essential accessory for travel and outdoor photography and fits to selected lenses with 72mm filter thread. This filter removes unwanted reflections and saturates colors providing better contrast. The filter increases light transmission and colour saturation without affecting the overall colour balance. With non-coated filters, light would reflect off the image sensor, bounce off the lens and filter elements and re-enter the image sensor, producing a ghost image and disturbing the quality of image. To eliminate the ghost effect, the multi-coating is applied that dramatically diminish this effect. This filter precisely removes the highly unwanted effect of ultraviolet light and reduces bluish cast of daylight. The filter protect lens surface from dust, scratches, dirt and fingerprints and can be easily install and remove.

Hoya 72MM 1B (Multi-Coated)-Skylight-Filter

 Features : Hoya 72MM 1B (Multi-Coated)-Skylight-Filter

 Provides additional benefits of correction for Ultraviolet (UV) light

 Reduces the bluish cast of daylight and produce a pleasing, warmer picture tone

 Constant use  of Hoya 72MM H.M.C. serves as Lens Protector

 Under all condition produce picture with clarity and balanced colour

 Multi-Coating applied to increase light transmission and suppress Reflection

 F-stops = 0, Filter Factor = 1.1 (Approximately)   

 Specification : Hoya 72MM 1B (Multi-Coated)-Skylight-Filter

 Filter Type

 Skylight 1B



 Multi-Coating (HMC)


 Front Lens Cap Size


 Front Filter Thread Size



 Produces more pleasing, warmer skin tones in daylight

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