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    Hoya 72mm Pro1 Digital ND8 Filter

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    Manufacturer Code: IN1775
    Brand:  Hoya
    RRP:  £101.11
    Sale Price:  £46.98
     Inc VAT 20%
    You Save:  £54.13
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    This ND8 filter reduce the amount of light entering the lens so wider apertures can be selected, which is perfect for portraiture to reduce depth of field. Subject appears crisp and clear while the background becomes a soft blur. Also widely used for photographs of waterfalls and other nature scenes to emphasize movement.
    Specifically designed for digital cameras with multi coatings and black rimmed and low profile construction.

    Hoya 72mm Pro1 Digital ND8 Filter

    Features - Hoya 72mm Pro1 Digital ND8 Filter

    Superb to use for wider apertures or longer exposures
    Minimize internal reflections on sensors
    Protect the front lens surface from scratches, moisture and dust
    Ultraviolet protected case to further lengthen the life of the filters
    Very thin frames helps to avoid vignetting on super wide angle lenses
    Black rimmed glass to reduces the chance of light reflecting off the edge
    High grade multi coated glass construction with thin aluminium frame
    Equipped with a straight knurling edge for non-slip, easy attachment and removal
    High quality digital multi coated glass to minimize the appearance of lens flare and ghosting caused by reflections and deliver clear and true colour images

    Specification - Hoya 72mm Pro1 Digital ND8 Filter


    Pro1 Digital ND8

    Frame Material






    Front Filter Thread Size



    Digital Multi-Coated


    Cuts through haze, and can improve image clarity

    Filter Factor 0.9 Reduces the light three f-stops

    Kit Content
    Hoya 72mm Pro1 Digital ND8 Filter
    User Operating Instructions Manual

    For more information about, Hoya 72mm Pro1 Digital ND8 Filter website.

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      Hoya 72mm Pro1 Digital ND8 Filter

    This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 11 March, 2007.
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