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    KENKO KFM-2100 Professional Light Meter with Spot Meter

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    Manufacturer Code: KFM2100
     UPC :
    Brand:  Kenko
    RRP:  £802.98
    Sale Price:  £515.47
     Inc VAT 20%
    You Save:  £287.51




    Kenko KFM-2100 Exposure meter
    The KFM-2100 read flash and ambient lights. For flash reading, the meter has settings for both cord and non-cord triggering.

    The large easy-to-read vertical LCD displays F No. values both numerically in 1/10 stop increments with large numbers and in a more common 1/3 stop increments on a vertical scale running up the long side of the LCD.

    The KFM-2100 has an integrated spot meter which makes spot readings in both ambient and flash modes easy and fast with no need to stop and add accessories.

    The excellent clear-view viewfinder shows F No. read-out in the viewfinder, to read reflected light without having to look away from the scene. The viewfinder has got built in dioptric adjustments.

    The KFM-2100 built in with an Exposure navigation system, allowing the professional photographer to easily confirm the exposure for each part of the subject or scene displayed on the LCD to assist in determining the best possible exposure.

    The KFM-2100 is seful in mixed flash/ambient lighting situations, the “Analyzer” function of the meter can determine the ratio of ambient to flash light in a scene.
    This advance feature is very handy in scenes where a flash is being used to “open up” a shadowed area left by natural (ambient) light.

    Latitude Display Function of the KFM-2100 meter for film or digital cameras is useful for scenes with a large brightness difference between light and dark areas.

    The KFM-2100 meter’s “Calculation” function can be used to average measurements that have been stored in memory, very useful in reflected light measurements to capture shadow or highlight detail more correctly. The KFM -2100 has the ability to store up to 9 measurements which can be recalled for reference or for averaging.
    You just press the “M” button after each reading to store it in the memory. If the memory reaches its maximum (9), it will delete the oldest reading to store the fresh information.

    Specifications (Kenko KFM-2100 Light Meter)

    Type: Hand-held digital Exposure meter for ambient and flash light
    Reception Method: Incident-light readings and spot reflected light

    Incident- Spherical diffuser, 270&Mac251; Rotating receptor headSpot- Spot optical system built-in to viewfinder with 1&Mac176; measurement angel
    Capable of displaying data on ambient and spot measurements simultaneously

    Receptor Elements: Silicon photocell
    Measuring Modes: AMBI- Ambient light,
    CORD- Flash w/sync cord
    NON-CORD- Flash without sync cord
    Measuring Range:

    Ambient light:
    Incident : EV -2.0 to 19.9
    Spot: EV 2.0 to 24.5

    Incident: F No. 1.0 to 128 +0.9 stop
    Spot: F No. 2.8 to 128 +0.9 stop
    +/- 0.1 stop

    Measuring Distance: 4.2 ft (1.3m) to infinity
    Optical System: Single-lens reflect type with fixed focal point
    Field of view: 12 x 17° with 1° area marked by a circle
    Magnification: 1.2x
    Eyepiece adjustment: --3.0 to +1.0 diopters
    Repeatability: +/- 0.1 EV.
    Calibration constant:  
    Incident: -C=330 (spherical diffuser), C-250 (flat Diffuser
    Spot: K = 14
    Display Range:  
    F Number: F No. 1.0 to 128 + 0.9 stops (0.1 stop incr.)
    EV value: -17 to 40.9 (0.1 stop incr.)
    Shutter speed: 10 to +10 (0.1 stop)
    Ambient: 30 minutes to 1/16000 sec. (1, 1/2, or 1/3 stop increments
    Flash: 30 minutes to 1/1000 sec. (1, 1/2, or 1/3 stop
    Frame Rate: 8, 12, 16, 18, 24, 25, 30, 32, 64, 128 frames
    ISO sensitivity: 3 to 8000 (1/3 stop)
    Exposure Difference: -10 to +10 (0.1 stop)
    Analog Scale: Ratio between Flash and Ambient 0 to 100% in 25% increments
    Other Functions: Latitude display function
    Analyze function
    Exposure Calculation function (S/A/H)
    Memory function (up to 10 measurements)
    Monitor function,
    Indication correction function
    Power: one AA Alkaline dry-cell battery
    Battery Life: Approx. 30 hours continuous reading in AMBI
    Operation Temperature range: 15 to 120° (-10 to + 50 C) with 85% relative
    Dimensions: 2.6 in (66mm) W x 6.9 in (175mm) H x 1.2 in
    Weight: 170g (6.0 oz) without battery
    Standard Accessories: Spherical diffuser, neck strap, case

    Kit Content
    Kenko KFM-2100 Pro Flash Light Meter
    Kenko Spherical Diffuser
    Neck Strap & Case -


    For more information about, KENKO KFM-2100 Professional Light Meter with Spot Meter website.

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