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    Metz 28 CS 2 CS-2 Series Digital Flashgun

    See our Metz shop for full range of Metz products.
    Manufacturer Code: IN4415
    4003915028165 UPC : 4003915028165
    Brand:  Metz
    RRP:  £182.81
    Sale Price:  £131.74
     Inc VAT 20%
    You Save:  £51.06




    Description: Metz 28 CS 2 MECABLITZ CS-2 Series Digital Flashgun

    METZ offer METZ 28 CS-2  that is helpful in the situation where light intensity is low, and the built-in flash of camera fails to overcome this difficulty. It is specially constructed for use with compact digital cameras. It is a compact, silver colour and stylish flash unit with multiple features including an easy mode adjustment of flash exposure simply by (+,-) keys. The flash exposure can be adjusted with the help of camera’s monitor when needed.

    METZ MECABLITZ 28 CS-2 can work as a slave unit so that the flash power can be enhanced without any side effect. Delay between the measurement of pre-flash and the main flash can be adjusted between 0 and 255 ms whenever user wants. Some cameras do not work on pre-flash function; in this situation slave mode-1 can be used by simultaneous triggering it. A reset buttons help users of METZ 28 CS-2 MECABLITZ to return to the initial functions of the flash.

    To guarantee that the both the flashes fire at the same time; Metz flash unit can be put in a learning mode which computes and stores the correct flash trigger. A Maximum Guide Number of 28 m / 92 ft with ISO 100 at 21° angle and less cost make it more valuable than other flashes. The power is generated by normal alkaline size - AAA batteries or inexpensive rechargeable AAA batteries. METZ 28 CS-2 MECABLITZ Offer a recycling time of 8 seconds with alkaline manganese, 6 seconds with NiMH and 6 seconds with NiCad Batteries with full-power flashes. this flash is capable of providing approximately 100 flashes when using alkaline manganese / NiMH (750mAh) batteries.

    Features: Metz 28 CS 2 MECABLITZ CS-2 Series Digital Flashgun

    Manual firing button (test-button) 
    LC-display for flash mode, slave-mode and maximum flash range indication 
    Flash readiness indication/ Correct exposure indication 
    Power saving "Auto Off function 
    Power saving low-voltage IGBT flash control 
    Wide-angle diffuser / telephoto attachment 
    Integrated pivoted bracket with foot

    Specifications: Metz 28 CS 2 MECABLITZ CS-2 Series Digital Flashgun

    Maximum guide number 28m ISO 100/21º (85mm)
    22m ISO 100/21° (35mm)
    16m ISO 100/21° (24mm)
    Slave modes Slave mode with simultaneous triggering 
    Slave-mode with preflash suppression 
    Adapted slave mode with learn function (intelligent slave mode)
    Flash modes EASY-Mode for easy use of the mecablitz 
    Auto flash mode A with 8 telecomputer apertures 
    Manual flash mode with 4 partial light output levels
    Illumination Light coverage of reflector (corresponds to 35 mm format) 35 mm 
    with wide-angle diffuser 24 mm 
    with telephoto attachment 85 mm
    Power supply 2 size-AAA, 1.2V/1.5V alkaline manganese / NiMH / NiCad batteries
    Number of flashes At full light output: alkaline manganese / NiMH (750mAh) batteries: approx. 100
    Recycling time with full-power flash: alkaline manganese / NiMH / NiCad Batteries: approx. 8s / 6s / 6s
    Dimensions approx. (w x h x d) 3 x 3 1/4 x 1 1/4 inches
    Weight without batteries approx. 5 oz
    For more information about, Metz 28 CS 2 CS-2 Series Digital Flashgun website.

    Customer Reviews on Metz 28 CS 2 CS-2 Series Digital Flashgun

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    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 07 October, 2006.
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