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    Night Detective MBN-4 Night Vision Binoculars

    See our Night Detective shop for full range of Night Detective products.
    Manufacturer Code: ND-MBN4
     UPC : 432094
    Brand:  Night Detective
    RRP:  £599.50
    Sale Price:  £450.88
     Inc VAT 20%
    You Save:  £148.62
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    Night Detective

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    Description: Night Detective MBN-4 Night Vision Binoculars

    Night Detective MBN-4 Night Vision Binoculars are powerful night vision binoculars to see brighter and clear images in absence of artificial light. These binoculars show satisfactory performance during boating, wild life observation, marine observation and for security purposes.

    Night Detective MBN-4 Night Vision Binoculars incorporate first generation dual premier light intensifier tubes that enhance the incoming light to view brighter images. Infrared illuminator improve image brightness and colour in complete darkness. These are super multi-coated optics to boost maximum light transmission resulting in high quality images (free of glare and flare). Night Detective MBN-4 Night Vision Binoculars feature advance technology "bright source protection" that not only protects intensifier tubes from extreme light exposure such as car lights, street lights etc, but also increases their useful life.

    Night Detective MBN-4 Night Vision Binoculars give opportunity to users to enjoy consistent viewing during long period of observation. Built-in Infra Red illuminator can be switched on independently of the main power, allowing more flexibility and conserving the battery. These binoculars are designed to operate reliably in all kinds of weather including rain, fog or harsh temperatures. Night Detective MBN-4 Night Vision Binoculars are rubber armoured to protect against scratches and to give non-slippage grip. These feature central focusing controls for quick and smooth adjustments.

    Features - Night Detective MBN-4 Night Vision Binoculars

    Two premium quality Generation 1 Image Intensifier Tubes
    Built-in Infrared illuminator for brighter, clear images in darkness
    Bright-Source Protection against extreme light exposure
    Powerful 3x magnification
    Central focusing controls for quick, smooth adjustments to facilitate easy viewing
    Super multi-coated lenses to ensure image brightness and clarity
    Ridged rubberized body provides secure feel and non-slippage grip
    Efficient circuit design and long battery life for consistent functioning
    Come in its own protective shoulder bag for comfortable transportation

    Specifications - Night Detective MBN-4 Night Vision Binoculars

    Product Code - MBN4 Night Vision Binoculars ND-MBN4
    Intensifier Tubes Gen.1+
    Infrared Illuminator Yes
    Coatings Type Super Multi-coated
    Magnification - MBN4 Night Vision Binoculars 3x
    Power Supply Two 1.5 Volt "AA" Batteries
    Maximum Viewing Range (ft) 650
    Focal Length (Inches) 3.37
    Focusing Range 75 to infinity
    Spectral Sensitivity 400 - 900
    Lens System - MBN4 Night Vision Binoculars Two 85mm f/2.0 lenses
    Operating Temperature -31°F to 104°F (-35°C to 40°C)
    Resolution (lines/mm) 24 - 35
    Objective Aperture 1 / 1.7
    Focusing System Central
    Dimensions (W x H x D) Inches (7.3 x 6.2 x 2.5) inches
    Dimensions (W x H x D) mm (185 x 157 x 64) mm
    Weight (lbs) - MBN4 Night Vision Binoculars 2.9

    Kit Contents
    Night detective MBN-4 Binoculars
    NV MBN-4 Lens-Caps
    MBN-4 Case
    MBN-4 Strap
    NV MBN-4 User Guide

    For more information about, Night Detective MBN-4 Night Vision Binoculars website.

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      Night Detective MBN-4 Night Vision Binoculars

    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 17 November, 2005.
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