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    Nikon D800 Digital SLR Camera Body Only

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    Manufacturer Code: VBA300AE
     UPC :
    Brand:  Nikon
    RRP:  £3,389.00
    Sale Price:  £2,499.00
     Inc VAT 20%
    You Save:  £890.00

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    Nikon D800 Digital SLR Camera Body Only

    The Nikon D800 is the world's best DSLR for outdoor, nature landscape and many other kinds of photography. Nikon D800 is the world's DSLR best because it has such extremely high image quality that it exceeds not just every other full-frame DSLR ever made. The Nikon D800's image quality is unexcelled, and it weighs less than any other Nikon full-frame digital camera ever made, making it indisputably the best DSLR to carry when you have to carry a DSLR in the field.
    The Nikon D800 SLR Digital Camera is more than a DSLR, it's a broadcast quality video camera as well. Driving both still and video capture is the FX-format CMOS 36.3 MP sensor and the powerful EXPEED 3 image-processing engine. Backing up the heart of the camera you'll find an optical low-pass filter that reduces false colour and moirés, and an ISO range of 100-6400 that's expandable to ISO 50-25600 equivalent. In addition, the D800 boasts 14-bit A/D conversion and 16-bit image processing. The D800 Nikon F mount accepts a multitude of NIKKOR lenses, included DX lenses and AF-S lenses; and Nikon Speedlite provide outstanding flash capabilities.
    Combining both high-resolution performance and a wide ISO sensitivity range has finally become a reality. Nikon engineers have developed intelligent new methods to influence light transmission to the sensor's photodiodes: from the optical low-pass filter and on-chip gapless micro lenses to the image sensor's internal design, every measure has been taken to maximize and get better light transmission in order to convey crisp, brilliant images with considerably less noise. All this is possible under a wide variety of lighting conditions, enabling you to get the most out of your NIKKOR lenses.
    The Nikon D800 Advanced Scene Recognition System with a 91k-pixel RGB sensor brings out precise and accurate colours in every scene, for natural looking results. Face detection and a detailed scene analysis support more accurate auto focus, auto exposure, and i-TTL flash exposure for any number of compositional and lighting situations. When combined with auto-area AF and subject tracking in 3D-tracking, your images are even more fine-tuned. Additionally, the 3D colour matrix metering III feature results in pleasing auto exposures, especially when human faces are in the scene.
    The Nikon D800 utilizes Nikon's i-TTL system, for the best in accuracy and balance. When combined with Nikon's Speedlite, high-quality stills result. Certainly, the camera also has an integrated pop-up flash for those spur of the moment snapshots and other casual pictures. The Nikon D800 also utilizes Nikon's auto white balance which is equipped for a wide range of shooting conditions. The Advanced Multi-CAM 3500FX auto focus sensor results in sharp images, even in low-light and the four AF-area modes give you the versatility you need to shoot everything from stills to street scenes to landscapes and more.
    Reducing false colour and moiré is the main job of the optical low-pass filter located in front of the image sensor. Though, this advantage is generally gained with a small sacrifice of sharpness. Moiré occurs in scenes containing repetitive details, for example strong vertical lines in architecture. Finding the right balance between benefits and sacrifices is the key to higher image quality, and that is what the Nikon D800 optical low-pass filter delivers. As a result, the astounding 36.3 mega-pixels unleash their potential through an optimized balance between sharpness and efficiently disallowed moiré and false colour. besides, the multi-layer structure of the D800 low-pass filter utilizes layers of antireflective coating that have been optimized for the camera, contributing to sharper and clearer images.
    When it comes to HD movie capture, the Nikon D800 shoots broadcast quality video in two D-Movie formats at 1080/30p full HD. The D800 captures movies in FX and DX movie formats. The FX-based format renders shallow depth of field with beautiful bokeh, while the DX-format uses an image area similar to 35mm movie film, for a look cinematographers are familiar to. Extra video features include live view operation, the capability to record high fidelity stereo audio with an external microphone, and the option to shoot time-lapse photography and save it as a movie file. Flicker reduction and custom settings enable even more freedom of expression in your movies.
    When it comes to viewing your scenes you have a choice of the 100% coverage FX-format optical viewfinder or the 3.2" LCD monitor. The pentaprism viewfinder provides you with a clear and accurate view when shooting stills. And the generous 3.2" 921k-dot wide viewing angle LCD gives you features like an anti-reflective structure, brightness control, and the ability to enlarge playback images up to 46x. Other outstanding features of the Nikon D800 include a fast response time of 0.12 seconds, high-speed CF and SD dual card slots, high-speed data transfer with a USB 3.0 connection, a high capacity EN-EL15 rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a accurate and durable shutter, and a high precision sequential control mechanism.
    High mega-pixel sensors can actually test the quality of your lenses, but you can be confident that the combination of brilliant NIKKOR lenses and Nikon's intelligent processing measures will drastically lessen lateral chromatic aberration to give you incredibly natural-looking results. Unlike other correction methods that simply abolish chromatic aberration, Nikon's method compensates for these colour differences in a resolving index for each colour, making it particularly effective in producing images with eye-catching edge-to-edge sharpness. Furthermore, because these corrections are made regardless of the NIKKOR lens used, this feature contributes considerably to achieving the sharpest images possible.
    Nikon's revolutionary Advanced Scene Recognition System, introduced with the flagship D4 camera, is also employed in the D800. At its core is a 91K-pixel RGB sensor that carefully analyzes each scene with the fine resolution. The RGB sensor can recognize your scene's colours and brightness with extraordinary precision then use that information to apply various automatic controls and give you more natural looking results. The real breakthrough, nevertheless, is that the sensor can detect human faces with surprising accuracy when shooting through the optical viewfinder.
    A DSLR though it may be, the Nikon D800 comes with a number of creative and spontaneous features to keep your shooting both exciting and competent. Features like direct access to the Picture Control feature and a four button layout and release mode dial on the camera's top deck make your shooting life easier, while High Dynamic Rang, Dual-axis electronic virtual horizon, and numerous in camera editing functions make sure that you get the shot you want. The Nikon D800 comes with View NX 2 software for browsing, editing, and sharing of your files. Optional software from Nikon that can be used includes Capture NX 2 and Camera Control Pro 2.

    Nikon D800 Digital SLR Camera Body Only

    Features - Nikon D800 Digital SLR Camera Body Only

    Compact, lightweight, durable and easy to carry anywhere
    Compact, high-capacity, rechargeable lithium-Ion battery
    36.3 mega pixel FX-format (full-frame) CMOS sensor with high signal-to-noise ratio, wide dynamic range and 12-channel readout
    Full 1080p HD broadcast quality video and minimized rolling shutter
    View simultaneous Live View output on external monitors and record uncompressed video via HDMI terminal
    3.2-inch super-sharp 921,000-dot LCD monitor with automatic monitor brightness control
    Wireless LAN and Ethernet support via optional Wireless Transmitter WT-4
    Built-in i-TTL Speed light (GN / guide number approx. 12, 24mm lens coverage)
    High quality Magnesium alloy body moisture and dust resistant
    Snap up to 900 images and 60 minutes of HD Video per battery charge
    100% viewfinder coverage and three Crop Modes: 5:4, 1.2x and DX-format, with viewfinder masking
    Two Live View shooting modes (Photography Live View and Movie Live View modes add flexibility; exposure, white balance, histogram, focus mode, AF area mode and focusing accuracy are easily confirmed)
    Two axis Virtual Horizon graphic indicator
    Fast, accurate 51-point AF system: AF system features 4 Dynamic AF modes, including 3D Focus Tracking, for auto focus precision and razor sharpness
    Low noise ISO sensitivity from 100 to 6400
    Standard rating of 200,000 cycles, with a maximum shutter speed of 1/8,000 sec and flash synchronization at up to 1/250 sec
    91,000-Pixel 3D Colour Matrix Metering III with Advanced Scene Recognition System
    Multi-Area Full HD D-Movie Video Recording Mode
    Nikon EXPEED 3 image processing technology
    Multi-area D-Movie records FX- and DX-format Full HD (1080p) movies in 30p, 25p and 24p; Max recording time approx 29 minutes 59 seconds; Offers uncompressed HDMI output to external devices and high-fidelity audio control

    Specification - Nikon D800 Digital SLR Camera Body Only

    Model D800
    Type Single-lens reflex digital camera
    Lens mount Nikon F mount (with AF coupling and AF contacts)
    Effective pixels 36.3 million
    Magnification Approx. 0.7 x (50 mm f/1.4 lens at infinity, -1.0 m-1)
    Image sensor 35.9 x 24.0 mm CMOS sensor (Nikon FX format)
    Total pixels 36.8 million
    Dust-reduction System Image sensor cleaning, Image Dust Off reference data (requires optional Capture NX 2 software)
    Media SD (Secure Digital) and UHS-I compliant SDHC and SDXC memory cards; Type I Compact Flash memory cards (UDMA compliant)
    File format NEF (RAW): 12 or 14 bit, lossless compressed, compressed, or uncompressed TIFF (RGB) JPEG: JPEG-Baseline compliant with fine (approx. 1 : 4), normal (approx. 1 : 8), or basic (approx. 1 : 16) compression (Size priority); Optimal quality compression available NEF (RAW)+JPEG: Single photograph recorded in both NEF (RAW) and JPEG formats
    Picture Control System Can be selected from Standard, Neutral, Vivid, Monochrome, Portrait, Landscape; selected Picture Control can be modified; storage for custom Picture Controls
    File system DCF (Design Rule for Camera File System) 2.0, DPOF (Digital Print Order Format), Exif (Exchangeable Image File Format for Digital Still Cameras) 2.3, PictBridge
    Viewfinder Eye-level penta prism single-lens reflex viewfinder
    Frame coverage FX (36 x 24): Approx. 100% horizontal and 100% vertical 1.2x (30 x 20): Approx. 97% horizontal and 97% vertical DX (24 x 16): Approx. 97% horizontal and 97% vertical 5:4 (30 x 24): Approx. 97% horizontal and 100% vertical
    Eye point 17 mm (-1.0 m-1; from centre surface of viewfinder eyepiece lens)
    Diopter adjustment -3 -+1 m-1
    Focusing screen Type B Brite View Clear Matte Mark VIII screen with AF area brackets and framing grid
    Reflex mirror Quick return
    Depth-of-field preview When depth-of-field preview button is pressed, lens aperture is stopped down to value selected by user (A and M modes) or by camera (P and S modes)
    Lens aperture Instant return, electronically controlled
    Compatible lenses Compatible with AF NIKKOR lenses, including type G and D lenses (some restrictions apply to PC Micro-NIKKOR lenses) and DX lenses (using DX 24 x 16 1.5x image area), AI-P NIKKOR lenses, and non-CPU AI lenses (exposure modes A and M only). IX NIKKOR lenses, lenses for the F3AF, and non-AI lenses can not be used. The electronic rangefinder can be used with lenses that have a maximum aperture of f/5.6 or faster
    Speed 1/8000 - 30 s in steps of 1/3, 1/2, or 1 EV, bulb, X250
    Flash sync speed X=1/250 s; synchronizes with shutter at 1/320 s or slower (flash range drops at speeds between 1/250 and 1/320 s)
    Image size (pixels) FX (36 x 24) image area: 7,360 x 4,912 (L), 5,520 x 3,680 (M), 3,680 x 2,456 (S) 1.2x (30 x 20) image area: 6,144 x 4,080 (L), 4,608 x 3,056 (M), 3,072 x 2,040 (S) DX (24 x 16) image area: 4,800 x 3,200 (L), 3,600 x 2,400 (M), 2,400 x 1,600 (S) 5 : 4 (30 x 24) image area: 6,144 x 4,912 (L), 4,608 x 3,680 (M), 3,072 x 2,456 (S) FX-format photographs taken in movie live view: 6,720 x 3,776 (L), 5,040 x 2,832 (M), 3,360 x 1,888 (S) DX-format photographs in movie live view: 4,800 x 2,704 (L), 3,600 x 2,024 (M), 2,400 x 1,352 (S) Note: Photographs taken in movie live view have an aspect ratio of 16 : 9. A DX-based format is used for photographs taken using the DX (24 x 16) 1.5x image area; an FX-based format is used for all other photographs
    Release mode Single frame, Continuous low speed, Continuous high speed, Quiet shutter-release, Self-timer, Mirror up
    Self-timer 2 s, 5 s, 10 s, 20 s; 1-9 exposures at intervals of 0.5, 1, 2, or 3 s
    Metering TTL exposure metering using 91K (91,000)-pixel RGB sensor
    Metering method Matrix: 3D colour matrix metering III (type G and D lenses); colour matrix metering III (other CPU lenses); colour matrix metering available with non-CPU lenses if user provides lens data
    Centre-weighted: Weight of 75% given to 12 mm circle in centre of frame. Diameter of circle can be changed to 8, 15, or 20 mm, or weighting can be based on average of entire frame (non-CPU lenses use 12-mm circle or average of entire frame)
    Spot: Meters 4 mm circle (about 1.5% of frame) centred on selected focus point (on centre focus point when non-CPU lens is used)
    Exposure mode Programmed auto with flexible program (P); shutter-priority auto (S); aperture-priority auto (A); manual (M)
    Exposure compensation -5 -+5 EV in increments of 1/3, 1/2, or 1 EV
    Exposure bracketing 2-9 frames in steps of 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, or 1 EV
    ADL bracketing 2 frames using selected value for one frame or 3-5 frames using preset values for all frames
    Exposure lock Luminosity locked at detected value with AE-L/AF-L button
    ISO sensitivity (Recommended Exposure Index) ISO 100 - 6400 in steps of 1/3, 1/2, or 1 EV. Can also be set to approx. 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, or 1 EV (ISO 50 equivalent) below ISO 100 or to approx. 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 1, or 2 EV (ISO 25600 equivalent) above ISO 6400; auto ISO sensitivity control available
    Active D-Lighting Auto, Extra high, High, Normal, Low, or Off
    Auto focus Nikon Advanced Multi-CAM 3500FX auto focus sensor module with TTL phase detection, fine-tuning, 51 focus points (including 15 cross-type sensors), and AF-assist illuminator (range approx. 0.5-3 m/1 ft 8 in.-9 ft 10 in.)
    Detection range -2 -+19 EV (ISO 100, 20 °C/68 °F)
    Lens servo Auto focus (AF): Single-servo AF (AF-S); continuous-servo AF (AF-C); predictive focus tracking automatically activated according to subject status Manual focus (M): Electronic rangefinder can be used
    Focus point 51 or 11 focus points
    AF-area mode Single-point AF, 9-, 21-, or 51- point dynamic-area AF, 3D-tracking, auto-area AF
    Focus lock Focus can be locked by pressing shutter-release button halfway (single-servo AF) or by pressing AE-L/AF-L button
    Built-in flash Manual pop-up with button release and a Guide Number of 12/39, 12/39 with manual flash (m/ft, ISO 100, 20 °C/68 °F)
    Flash control TTL: i-TTL flash control using 86K (86,400)-pixel RGB sensor is available with built-in flash and SB-910, SB-900, SB-800, SB-700, SB-600, or SB-400; i-TTL balanced fill-flash for digital SLR is used with matrix and centre-weighted metering, standard i-TTL flash for digital SLR with spot metering
    Flash mode Front curtain sync, slow sync, rear-curtain sync, red-eye reduction, red-eye reduction with slow sync, slow rear-curtain sync; Auto FP High-Speed Sync supported
    Flash compensation -3 -+1 EV in increments of 1/3, 1/2, or 1 EV
    Flash-ready indicator Lights when built-in flash or optional flash unit is fully charged; blinks for 3 s after flash is fired at full output
    Accessory shoe ISO 518 hot-shoe with sync and data contacts and safety lock
    Nikon Creative Lighting System (CLS) Advanced Wireless Lighting supported with built-in flash, SB-910, SB-900, SB-800, or SB-700 as a master flash and SB-600 or SB-R200 as remotes, or SU-800 as commander; built-in flash can serve as master flash in commander mode; Auto FP High-Speed Sync and modeling illumination supported with all CLS-compatible flash units except SB-400; Flash Colour Information Communication and FV lock supported with all CLS-compatible flash units
    Sync terminal ISO 519 sync terminal with locking thread
    White balance Auto (2 types), incandescent, fluorescent (7 types), direct sunlight, flash, cloudy, shade, preset manual (up to 4 values can be stored), choose colour temperature (2500 K-10000 K), all with fine-tuning
    Modes Live view photography (still images), movie live view (movies)
    Frame size (pixels) and frame rate 1,920 x 1,080; 30 p (progressive), 25 p, 24 p 1,280 x 720; 60 p, 50 p, 30 p, 25 p Actual frame rates for 60 p, 50 p, 30 p, 25 p, and 24 p are 59.94, 50, 29.97, 25, and 23.976 fps respectively; options support both high and normal image quality
    File format MOV
    Audio recording format Linear PCM
    Video compression H.264/MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding
    Audio recording device Built-in monaural or external stereo microphone; sensitivity adjustable
    Movie options Index marking, time-lapse photography
    Monitor 8-cm/3.2-in., approx. 921k-dot (VGA) TFT LCD with 170 ° viewing angle, approx. 100% frame coverage, and automatic monitor brightness control using ambient brightness sensor
    Playback Full-frame and thumbnail (4, 9, or 72 images) playback with playback zoom, movie playback, photo and/or movie slide shows, highlights, histogram display, auto image rotation, and image comment (up to 36 characters)
    USB Super Speed USB (USB 3.0 Micro-B connector)
    HDMI output Type C mini-pin HDMI connector; can be used simultaneously with camera monitor
    Audio input Stereo mini-pin jack (3.5mm diameter)
    Audio output Stereo mini-pin jack (3.5mm diameter)
    Supported languages Arabic, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian
    Battery 1xLi-ion EN-EL15 battery
    Battery pack Optional MB-D12 multi-power battery pack with one rechargeable Nikon EN-EL15 Li-ion battery or eight AA alkaline, Ni-MH, or lithium batteries
    AC adapter EH-5b AC adapter; requires EP-5B power connector (available separately)
    Tripod socket 1/4 in. (ISO 1222)
    Temperature 0-40 °C (+32-104 °F)
    Humidity Less than 85% (no condensation)
    Dimensions   (W x H x D) 146 x 123 x 81.5 mm (5.7 x 4.8 x 3.2 in.)
    Weight 1,000 g (2 lb 3.3 oz) with battery and SD memory card but without body cap; approx. 900 g/1 lb 15.7 oz (camera body only)

    Kit Content
    Nikon D800 Digital SLR Camera Body Only
    Nikon LCD Monitor Cover BM-12
    Nikon Battery Charger MH-25
    Nikon Hot shoe cover BS-1
    Nikon USB Cable UC-E14
    Nikon Battery EN-EL15
    Nikon Body Cap BF-1B
    Nikon Strap AN-DC6
    Nikon ViewNX2
    User Operating Instructions Manual
    Manufacturers Warranty

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    Nikon D800 Digital SLR Camera Body Only


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