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    Nissin Di622 Digital Flash for Canon EOS TTL II Camera

    See our Nissin shop for full range of Nissin products.
    Manufacturer Code: NFG001C
    Brand:  Nissin
    RRP:  £149.00
    Sale Price:  £79.00
     Inc VAT 20%
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    Nissin Di622 Digital Flashgun for Canon EOS TTL II Camera
    Several photographers think of using a flash only at night or in low lighting. However, a flashgun can be very useful in daylight too. Remove the shade under trees. Use fill-in lighting to sharpen the subject. Address catchlight in the eyes, and stop motion. Highlight the lighting contrast.
    The Nissin Di622 has an extraordinary photo sensor built-in.

    Place the Nissin Di622 Flashgun off camera and the flash will synchronize with the master flash placed on your camera. This wireless remote flash system is called slave flash technology and is frequently used for a creative lighting efficiency. Use the camera's built in flash, the camera manufacture's original flash or the Nissin Di622 Flashgun as the master flash.
    The Nissin Di622 has a dual energy saving system. It automatically enters sleep mode when it's not in use for 5 min. When selecting manual power operation, choose from one of the six variable powers for the most excellent lighting effect. The power level is provided from full power (G.No.62) down to 1/32nd power in 1.0Ev increments. In darkness or dim light circumstances, the Nissin Di622 Flashgun beams a red light to create a sharp contrast to allow the camera's focus sensor to focus without difficulty on the subject.

    Features - Nissin Di622 Digital Flashgun for Canon EOS TTL II Camera

    Auto Zoom Function - 24mm to 105mm
    Bounce and Rotating Head
    Bounce, Up: 45, 60, 75, 90°
    Bounce Right: 30, 60, 90, 120, 150°
    Bounce Left: 20, 60, 90°
    Diffuser and Reflector
    Wide angle diffuser and catch light reflector - Softens the light on the subject
    Power Ratio - 6 steps, 1:1 to 1:32
    Plug It In, Use It! - No functions are hidden by confusing menus
    Wireless Remote Flash - Built-in slave feature

    Specification - Nissin Di622 Digital Flashgun for Canon EOS TTL II Camera

    Guide Number - Nissin Di622 Flashgun 100 at 105mm zoom ISO 100
    Power source 4-AA alkaline or NiMH
    Recycle - Nissin Di622 Flashgun 6 Seconds with alkaline batteries, 4 Seconds with NiMH Batteries
    Corresponding camera The canon make EOS digital single-lens reflex camera
    Charge time - Nissin Di622 Flashgun Approximately 4 seconds
    Frequency of radiation 200~1500 time
    Modulated light system E-TTL II/E-TTL/manual (for CANON)
    Modulated light revision It is due to camera operation
    AF auxiliary light - Nissin Di622 Flashgun Operating distance 0.7-6m
    Number of Flashes Approx 200
    Illumination angle 24mm- 105mm (autoset)
    Energy Saving - Nissin Di622 Flashgun Auto Off Yes after 5 minutes idling
    Sleep mode Yes after 30 seconds idling
    Flash duration - Nissin Di622 Flashgun 1/800 seconds (at the time of full radiation), 1/800-1/20,000 second (at the time of TTL)
    Wireless radiation Intelligent (the same 6 luminous level as manual)
    Mass - Nissin Di622 Flashgun 315g
    Colour temperature 5600K
    Exposure - Nissin Di622 Flashgun Verification In camera's viewfinder

    Item Includes
    Nissin Flashgun Instruction booklet
    Nissin Table stand
    Nissin Soft Case

    For more information about, Nissin Di622 Digital Flash for Canon EOS TTL II Camera website.

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    Nissin Di622 Digital Flash for Canon EOS TTL II Camera

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      Nissin Di622 Digital Flash for Canon EOS TTL II Camera

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