Velbon monopod Exup-300

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Velbon monopod Exup-300

Features - Velbon monopod Exup-300

Velbon has the distinction of being the largest specialised manufacturer of tripods and offers a quality line of products to help meet the needs of the beginner as well as experienced professional photographer.

Whether you need a tripod for still camera - 35mm, medium format and large format, digital camera, video camera, binoculars or scopes.

Photo opportunities will not be missed because of setup operations.

A monopod can extend four capability in photography much better than you might Expect.

For chasing fast moving object such as in sports or Formula 1 races, use a monopod rather than a tripod.
Grasp the camera on the monopod to damper the vibration.
Includes tripod case.

Specification - Velbon monopod Exup-300

Model Velbon monopod Exup-300
Maximum Height 132cm
Minimum Height 40.6cm
Colour Black
Maximum Load 1.5 kg
Weight 218g
Section 4

Kit Content
Velbon monopod Exup-300
Carrying Case
User Operating Instructions Manual

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