News Uses of Monocular

Uses of Monocular
If you are always ready for unusual or exciting experiences like hiking, climbing, hunting, extreme sports, bird watching or exploring world, then monocular is the best choice for you. Monocular is smaller, lighter and effective long distance viewing tool with the single optical system. Monocular comes with size of a thumb so you can easily keep it into your pocket or purse. Now you can enjoy your adventure more excitedly with monocular than carrying binocular or telescope which is too large to take along. Monocular combines some of the characteristics of binocular and telescope.

When to use Monocular, Binocular and Telescope:
When should use Monocular:
If you are very adventuress then you should buy monocular. When you require quick look e.g. observe a bird, you can easily pull monocular from pocket and enjoy your activities. The are few good brands in monocular. The leading in the market is Opticron monoculars. Helios monocular comes with different magnifications and even zoom monocular.

When should use Binocular:
If you want to scan an area or want to take long look you should get binocular. Binocular comes with both eyes optical system which enhances optical insight with great comfort.

When should use Telescope:
When you need more magnification to view distant objects you should choose Telescope. Telescope is high magnification heavy tool that must be mounted on tripod in order to view stable and steady images.
Monocular is ideal for many purposes some of them are as follows:
1. General Astronomy:
Monocular is best suited for traditional astronomy in which you can observe stationary objects. Astronomers can identify the portion of sky through monocular very easily.
2. Tool for Visually impaired people:
Monocular is also helpful for low visionary people. These people can use monocular to see distant objects at which people with normal vision do not have difficulty, e.g., to read text on a board or projection screen.

3. Bird watching:
If you are fond of bird watching then monocular is best choice for you. Monocular makes your observation more enjoyable and interesting. Large field of view and closed focus distance makes it very handy for bird watching.

4. Hiking:
Monocular is great equipment that one can take along on hiking trips. Hikers like them for looking at distant rock formations or trees.

5. Monocular as your everyday tool:
Now you can increase comfort level in your daily work by using monocular. For example reading streets name from a block away, enjoy concert even at back seats, find people in crowded areas and even identify your livestock.

6. Hunting:
Monocular is also helpful in hunting. Through monocular you can observe wildlife effectively and easily. Monocular as light weight is suitable where weight is really a problem.