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Nissin Flash Gun

Nissin is a Japanes brand which produces compatible flashguns for Nikon Canon Sony and recently ring flashguns.

They are smart and compatible and you can upgrade the firmware for new cameras connection it to the internet. This feature is available with Nissin Di866.
Nissin flashguns supports Canon E-TTL, E-TTL II and Nikon i-TTL. Flash light is automatically controlled by the camera but the flash exposure value can be compensated. Nissin Di622 series are much popular for their compact size and price bellow £90

Nissin Flash units incorporate Sub-Flash in  the Nissin Di866 and provides an extra small flash below the main flash. The Auto Zoom covers 24-105mm of lenses and Nissin Di866 is power enough to through light at that distance.

Nissin Flashguns are reliable and robust products and come with two years UK guarantee. Nissin flashgun revews are the best, which is recommended by professional photographers.

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