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SDHC Memory Card

Video & Digital Cameras that completely make use of a removable SDHC memory card are among the fastest growing markets in electronic products. Up to just recently video & digital cameras could just use SDHC storage cards for still images. In older models, hard disk drives, DVD, as well as tape drives were usually the gadgets employed to store video.

"SD" stands for Secure Digital. "HC" stands for High Capacity. Aside from Sony, all other brands use a SD or SDHC memory card with their flash memory camcorders. Sandisk, a major manufacturer of flash storage cards, has even begun promoting certain SD and SDHC flash memory cards as "video" cards.

All flash memory cards really aren't created equal. Regardless of whether it's branded a video card or an SDHC memory card, there are some dissimilarity among SDHC memory cards you should be familiar with before buying one.

SDHC Memory Card Interoperability
A camcorder which says it functions with SDHC memory cards always works using an SD card too; on the other hand, it does not apply the other way around. If the camcorder declares it works with SD cards, then that is all it works with; it cannot be utilized using a SDHC storage device. That is the exceptional scenario. The majority of modern video cameras can work with both.

A number of the cheap video cameras will possibly not handle all SDHC memory card capacities. Just because your camcorder is SDHC well-matched doesn't suggest it functions with capacities in the higher capacities. You will have to check your manual to be sure it functions with 16GB or 32GB SDHC cards.

SDHC Memory Card Capacities
SD memory cards max out at 2GB of storage size. An SDHC storage device can vary from 4GB to 32GB in capacity. More capacity means you'll be able to hold more video and photos. If you have a high definition camcorder you'll need to get an SDHC memory card. If you have a standard definition video camera you could probably make do using an SD flash memory card.

SDHC Memory Card Classes
Slow SD or SDHC memory cards are possibly not capable to keep track of the large volume of data a high definition digital video camera can feed into it. If the SDHC flash memory card is just too slow your video camera will not be equipped to record anything.

To better understand this, an SD or SDHC memory card is assigned one of four classes to indicate its lowest speed: classes 2, 4, 5, and 10. The higher the class, the faster the flash card is. The class represents the absolute minimum number of megabytes per second (MBps) of the card; the rate at which it can accept and store video recording data. Class 4 is rated at 4 MBps, class 6 is rated at 6 MBps, etc. You can expect to pay a correspondingly high price for a high class numbered SDHC flash card.

Quite often the exact speed of the SDHC memory card is greater than its class rating. In addition, video camera makers, and makers of other SDHC based gadgets, can design devices which require faster data transfer rates than the nominal rate indicated by the class designation. Because of this it is best to think of class as a broad classification for price comparison purposes, however, you should consult the particular specifications of your device before purchasing a specific SDHC flash card. Don't depend solely on class.

Some manufacturers list the speed of the video camera plainly outside the box while others might stuff it into the fine print of the documentation. Wherever it is, it is best to consult this important specification before you buy a SDHC flash card.

If you have a standard definition camcorder, either a SD or SDHC flash memory card of class 2 speed ought to do the task. The best quality video you can record works nicely using this class of SDHC memory card.

Your best option for a high definition video camera will probably be a class 6 SDHC flash card. A class 10 SDHC flash card should perform, based on how tolerant to specification limits your video camera and SDHC memory card are designed. Make certain your camcorder can go that fast before paying the extra money it costs for a class 10 flash memory cards.


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