News Monopods versus Tripods

Monopods versus Tripods

Monopods versus Tripods

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Monopods or tripods - it's hard to figure out which you should use. While both will give you stability & firmness, you may not be able to use them interchangeably. Learn which one you should use in which situation.
The Similarities
Itís oftentimes hard to figure out which you should use in which situations. Itís obvious from the names that monopods have one leg, and tripods have three. But, before discussing the differences between the two, it may help to learn the similarities between the two.

First of all, both are meant to provide stability when you take photographs. Anything is better than hand-holding a camera when taking shots. This can really be seen when youíre trying to zoom in on a subject. The closer that you zoom when hand-holding a camera the more obvious the hand-shaking is. Youíre pictures will come out extremely blurry the closer that you zoom in. Having any type of support is better than nothing.

Both can be fitted with a quick-release plate, which allows you to quickly remove the camera from the monopod or tripod if you need to take some hand-held shots. They can also be bought or fitted with different types of heads. The three most common types of heads are ball heads, geared or pan/tilt. Ball heads allows movement around a ball, using one main control. The geared heads move in a variety of directions with the use of gears. And, the pan/tilt heads allows you to move you camera with just a few main controls. Since youíre going to want to get different angles of shots, these are very useful.

You can buy monopods and tripods that come in different heights. This is something that you will have to consider when buying a monopod or tripod. You need to decide what type of photographs that you will be taking and how high you need your camera to be. You should also look at the feet of your monopod or tripod. Rubber feed will prevent scratches from happening on floors while spiked feed with give you stability in rugged locations.

You should also figure out how much weight your monopod or tripod can hold. You should weigh your camera, batteries and lenses and make sure that whichever you select can hold the weight. You also need to consider your environment. If youíre planning on taking landscape pictures, you probably want to go with something thatís a little heavier in order to withstand the elements.

The Differences
Now, here are the differences between monopods and tripods. A monopod will never have the stability of a tripod. Tripods are best used for portraits or other shots that you have plenty of time to set up and shoot. If you are in a situation where you do not have time to set up, i.e. when shooting animal pictures or sports events, you may do best with a monopod. They are quick to set up and take down. But, monopods will never have the stability of a tripod. So, if youíre in a situation where you have time to set up your tripod and will be able to remain in a location for a time, itís best to use a tripod.

Monopods, however, are great for when you go hiking or on safari since they are lightweight and can be quickly pulled out of a backpack and set up. Plus, many monopods are being built to be used as hiking sticks and vice versa. Itís also great when youíre going to your destination to be able to quickly pull out a tripod for whatever stops you may take or other situations where youíre short on time. But, once youíre at that sunset spot over the Grand Canyon, pull out the tripod. Tripods are the best for capturing those magic moments and for creating crisp images more often.


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