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Celestron Professional Stereo Zoom Microscope

The Celestron Professional Stereo Microscope is a large, all metal bodied, low power stereo microscope with advanced features like fully coated glass optics, 0.7x to 4.5x zoom objectives, 10x wide field eyepieces and upper and lower illuminators. Fluorescent bulb facilitates the bottom lighting for slide viewing or transparent specimens, while Halogen lamp provides top illumination with adjustable brightness control. With magnification ranging from 10x to 67x, this microscope is perfect for viewing details on 3D objects like coins, mineral, insects, and documents.

The binocular head is fully adjustable for a custom fit, inclined at 45° and rotates 360° to accommodate a variety of viewing angles. The eyepieces include rubber eyecups for comfortable use during extended viewing sessions. With a super heavy duty, all metal construction, this instrument will survive the test of time in your lab. Large working distance range of 200mm facilitates extra large objects and very helpful in dissection and research work.

Intended for the serious student, professional scientist and discriminating hobbyist, the Professional Stereo Microscope is well suited for dissection, entomology, component inspection, medical research, scientific analysis and much more. Extra strong metal base, stand, and head with black/white and frosted/opaque stage plates are provided. 

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Celestron Professional Stereo Zoom 230V Microscope

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