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Celestron 80mm / 100mm Straight Viewing Spotting Scope Case

The scope case protects Celestron 80mm / 100mm straight viewing TrailSeeker or Ultima scopes with this padded Spotting Scope Case. The case is water resistant and padded to protect against bumps and drops. There are zippered openings which allow the scope to be attached to a tripod while still in the case. Hook-and-loop tabs on the sides and front let to fold the case under the scope, so the user have a clear view and can access the eyepiece and focus knobs.

Two nylon handles, and a removable shoulder strap let to carry the case in comfort. Zippered openings allow the spotting scope to be attached to a tripod and viewed through while in the case. This case is included with the TrailSeeker scope, and can be used as a spare or replacement for that model, or as an upgrade to the case that comes with the Ultima scopes. The scope case is ideal for traveling, hiking and any other outdoor activity. 

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Celestron 80mm Straight Viewing Spotting Scope Case

Celestron 100mm Straight Viewing Scope Case

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