Nissin Di622 Flashgun TTL

Nissin Di622 TTL Flash Unit

The Nissan flash unit is a inexpensive flash. Easy to use and reliable.

The TTL function is suitable with all digital SLR cameras.

The Nissin Di622 flash is roughly the same as Nikon SB-600 Speed light flashgun and looks durable. Functions well as a hot shoe flash and as a slave

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Nissin flashgun Di622 turns 90 degrees upward and 270 degrees horizontally for bounce lighting.

Compatibility with:
[For Canon DSLR] The Di622 Canon model is compatible with the following Canon digital SLR cameras and the top end compact cameras. EOS 5D / 10D / 20D / 30D / 40D EOS 300D / 350D / 400D / 450D / 500D / Digital RebelX / XT / XTi / XSi Powershot G7 / G9 / S5 / IS

[For Nikon DSLR] The Di622 Nikon model is compatible with the following Nikon digital SLR cameras D700 / D300 / D200 / D80 / D70S / D70 / D60 / D50 / D40X / D40

Nissin Di622 flash features with the wireless remote flash system is called slave flash technology and is often used for a creative lighting efficiency.


If you are using a camera/flash bracket, or holding the flash off camera Nissin Di622 then Nissin does not let you down, It produced the
Nissin Cord SC-01.



Flow chart for Nissing Di622 Flash Unit TTL



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