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Canon 18x50 IS Weather Resistant Image Stabilized Binocular

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Manufacturer Code: 4624A002
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OVERVIEW With Canon 18x50 IS Weather Resistant Binoculars you be able to take pleasure in the full, extraordinary resolving power of 18x50 Binoculars with no a tripod. You be able to employ the Canon 18x50 IS Binoculars from inside a moving vehicle. The quiver free presentation of 18x50 IS Binoculars not merely improves your skill to vision fine detail but also decreases eye damage and exhaustion through 18x50 IS. 18x50 IS AW is unique amongst high- magnification Binoculars because they add in Canon outstanding Optical Image Stabilizer technology in 18x50 Binoculars. Established highly effectual in Canon video camcorders and qualified lenses, this radical system in Canon 18x50 uses a narrative Vari-Angle Prism that instantaneously and endlessly creates modifications to preserve a stable image. Through Canon Optical Image Stabilizer you be able to take pleasure in the resolving power of 18x50 IS Binoculars with no tripod. You be able to still use Canon 18x50 from inside moving vehicles. 18x50 IS shake-free presentation not only improves your skill to view fine detail but also decrease eye damage and fatigue. IS series feature eyepiece lenses through a unique Doublet Field Flattener, which radically decreases curving of field. As an outcome, there is none of the image distortion and blurring at the periphery typical of high-magnification 18x50 Binoculars. This 18x50 superior design also outcome in long eye relief, which allows eyeglass wearers to view the whole field with no vignette. Canon higher optical manufacturing also offers strangely wide apparent field-of view. This Canon 18x50 is mostly important in high-magnification Binoculars as it creates it easier to place your preferred subject.

Minimize Shaking, Maximize Viewing

Shaking happens naturally when you hold 18x50 Binoculars for a comprehensive age of time. Storm, muscle exhaustion and still excitement can give to "binoculars shake". The extra influential the 18x50 IS Binoculars, in 18x50 the more marked the shake become visible. It's exhausting on your eyes, it's disturbing, and it makes getting a fine, sharp focus merely impossible. To solve this ordinary difficulty, many Canon Binoculars are prepared with Image Stabilizer (IS) technologies. Initially 18x50 IS developed for Canon's high presentation video camcorder family, these IS technologies have been brightly adapted especially for Canon's Binoculars line.

Focus and Follow

It isn't forever suitable to use a tripod - especially if you or your focus is moving. Through Canon's IS Binoculars models, there's no require for extra equipment. Canon presents an Image Stabilizer system using a Vari-Angle Prism (VAP) on the 18X50 IS AW Binoculars. This 18x50 system have two sensors - one vertical and another horizontal - that detect movement as well as a microprocessor that corrects the Vari-Angle Prism on every side, in a bellow-type way, according to the quantity of 18x50 Binoculars shake detected. This offers immediate modification of the refraction point of view to compensate for movement. So what you observe through the lenses is totally stable - even when you're not. Canon 18x50 IS Designed for experts and inflexible enthusiasts, this high-magnification Binoculars add in innovative technologies that put a new typical of presentation.


  • High magnification of 18x
  • Large diameter 50mm objective lens for a bright field-of-view
  • Wide field-of-view of 67
  • Long eye-relief of 15mm
  • Image stabilizer
  • UD element reducing chromatic lens aberrations
  • Suitable for use in all weather conditions

  • Specifications

  • Magnification (x) 18
  • Objective Diameter (mm) 50
  • Exit Pupil (mm) 2.8
  • Real Field of View 3.7
  • Apparent Field of View 67 Wide
  • Field of View at 1000 m 65
  • Closest Focusing Distance (m) +/- 6
  • Eye Relief (mm) 15
  • Prism Porro Prism II
  • Objective Lens (G2-G4) Movement Yes
  • Eyepiece Lens Movement No
  • Objective Lens Movement No
  • Image Stabilizer Yes
  • Field Flattener Lens Double Field Flattener
  • Aspherical Lens No
  • UD Lens Yes
  • Power Source - Two size AA batteries Yes
  • Rubber Coating All Weather - Usable in heavy rain
  • Water Resistance Yes
  • Super Spectra Multicoating Yes
  • Weight (excl. batteries) 1,200 g

  • Kit content

  • Canon 18x50 IS Binoculars
  • Canon Binoculars Case
  • Canon Eye Caps
  • Canon Neck Strap
  • Canon User Guide

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    Canon 18x50 IS Weather Resistant Image Stabilized Binocular


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    I have always found 10 x 50 binoculars dificult to hold steady but these with nearly twice the magnification are easy. They give a true image when wearing specs. An expensive concept but well worth it if you can afford the price.

    Review by ,    ,    Customer Rating:   5 of 5 Stars!

    Perfect transaction and next day delivery quality of product top notch thank you.

    Review by ,    ,    Customer Rating:   5 of 5 Stars!

    an absolutely fantastic pair of binoculars. the best ive tried and thats a lot.great service over the phone and they arrived next morning.couldnt ask for better.thanks microglobe

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