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Canon 52mm Close-up Lens 250D

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Manufacturer Code: 2819A001
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Close-up lens 250D has two achromatic elements to correct chromatic aberrations. The close-up lens is screwed on to the front of a lens like a filter. It is also easy and quick for close-up photography.

  • Ideal to use for quick and easy close-up photography
  • Two achromatic elements to correct chromatic aberrations
  • Well suited for lenses with a focal length anywhere from 30 to 135mm
  • Design for EF lenses and PowerShot G1, G2, G3, G5, G6. A620, A610 cameras
  • Screwed on attachment design for fast and easy attachment and removal
  • Ultra slim, lightweight deign that the high optical performance of EF lenses will be not degraded
  • One achromatic elements has been utilize in lens construction to correct chromatic aberrations
  • Double-element accessory attaches to front of lens, changes closest focusing distance from infinity to 250mm (approx. 9.9") from front of lens

  • Specifications
  • Model: 250D
  • Size: 52mm
  • Magnification: +4
  • Length: 12mm
  • Lens Type: Close Up Lens
  • Lens Diameter: 60mm
  • Weight: 80g

  • Kit content
  • Canon 250D 52mm Close-up Lens
  • User Operating Instructions Manual

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    Canon 52mm Close-up Lens 250D


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