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Canon FS-H27U 27mm Filter Set with Neutral Density & Protection Filters

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Neutral Density
Neutral Density filters have several uses and offer the possibility to achieve otherwise unachievable results. ND filters appear grey and reduce the amount of light reaching the film. They have no effect on color balance. They have four main uses 1)To enable slow shutter speeds to be used, especially with high speed films, to record movement in subjects such as waterfalls, clouds, or cars. 2)To decrease depth of field by allowing wider apertures to be used, which helps separate subjects from their background. 3) To decrease the effective ISO of high speed film (above ISO 400) and allow it to be used outdoors in bright situations. 4)To allow cine and video cameras to film subjects such as snow, sand or other bright scenes, which could cause overexposure.
MC Protector
Haze (UV) filters are wise initial investments. They help protect your valuable investment from dust, moisture and scratches, which can lead to costly repairs. If desired they can be left on the lens at all times for protection. Haze filters provide additional benefits of correction for Ultraviolet (UV) light which can register on film and videotape as a bluish cast and can obscure distant details. Ultraviolet filters allow you to correct for the UV effect to varying degrees.

  • Protective case stores both filters when not in use
  • Two 27mm filters
  • MC protector cuts ultraviolet light and protects the lens from dust and scratches
  • Neutral density filter reduces the amount of light coming through the lens

  • Specifications
  • Model: FS-H27U
  • Size: 27mm
  • Filters Type: Neutral Density (ND8) and MC Protector Filters

  • Designed For
  • DC20
  • Elura 10
  • Elura 100
  • Elura 20MC
  • Elura 2MC
  • Optura S1 Camcorder

  • Kit content
  • Canon FS-H27U 27mm Filter Set Of ND8 and MC Protection Filters
  • User Operating Instructions Manual

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    Canon FS-H27U 27mm Filter Set with Neutral Density & Protection Filters


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