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Canon WFT-E3A Wireless File Transmitter for EOS-40D/50D

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Canon WFT - E3A Wireless File Transmitter For Canon EOS 40D and 50D-Introduction

Canon Corporation always produce new outstanding and brilliant products. Canon is famous for bringing new standards into the market. Canon now introducing special type of wireless file transmitter which is exclusively designed and manufactured for Canon EOS 40D Digital Camera and Canon EOS 50D Digital Camera.

Canon WFT-E3A Wireless File Transmitter is equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities which allow users to transfer images (files) from their digital cameras to the computers wirelessly. One can also transfer images directly to their websites or FTP servers using this master piece of Canon WFR-E3A file transmitter. Now, its much easier to connect your digital camera with computer using Wifi and you can control your camera remotely. Thus, its easy to watch high performance videos and images on your monitor live.

Canon WFT-E3A includes USB port and wired Ethernet port. This USB port lets the users to connect their digital cameras to any external storage device. The Ethernet port is useful to connect to an internet and share the photos with one's friends and relatives. The Canon WFT-E3A looks like a battery grip which can be connected to the end of Canon EOS 40D Digital Camera.

Canon WFT-E3A wireless file transmitter is designed and manufactured according to the new standards sets by Canon. It contains its own battery "BP-511A". WFT-E3A does not provides power to the Canon EOS 40D Camera. So both the camera and WFT transmitter are powered by their own batteries.

The Canon WFT-E3A is having height of 45 mm (0.45cm) and weight equal to 340 grams with-out battery. There is also a small LCD screen available on WFT-E3A file transmitter which shows internal_battery_life, wireless_signal_strength, wired_LAN_Connectivity and Image_quality_settings. Along with LCD, the two LEDs are present. These LEDs indicates connectivity of Ethernet and USB.

The Canon WFT-E3A supports a wide variety of protocols including standard 802.11b and G wireless networks. In the Connection Method Option Menu of the Canon WFT-E3, there are three types of different connection modes i.e Ad hoc 11b, Ad hoc 11g and Infrastructure Mode. The user must have to select "infrastructure" mode if he is using wireless access point. For direct connection means connecting WFT-E3A to a laptop, select "Ad-Hoc" connection mode.

The Canon WFT-E3A Wireless File Transmitter is powered-On by pressing the main switch of the Canon EOS 40D camera. The start-up main menu page contains different options including Auto power Off, File Numbering, Auto Rotate, INFO button, WFT settings and Recording function + media select. The WFT Settings option and Recording Function + Media select option are new options. The "WFT setting" option is used to configure the camera along with this transmitter for use on wireless network, while the "Recording function + Media select" option allows to set preference for recording files to an external_storage_device.

Finally, Canon WFT-E3A wireless file transmitter is supplied with two cases. One case is for the Canon WFT-E3A while the second case is for carrying an external storage device like portable hard disk. The Kit contents also contains cap which is dust-proof that provides better coverings to the USB port when USB is connected in rainy conditions.

Canon WFT-E3A Wireless File Transmitter for EOS-40D/50D

Features - Canon WFT-E3A Wireless File Transmitter for EOS-40D/50D

Well suited for news or sports photographers
Lightweight, compact, reliable and very easy to install
Designed exclusively for Canon EOS 40D and D50 digital cameras
Also can be used as vertical grip adding additional versatility
Can be connected to an external USB storage unit or via the unit's USB port
Allows wireless transfer of files for anyone who wants to rapidly "dump" their images for safe keeping
When used as a vertical grip, a separate BP-511A battery is required

Specification -Canon WFT-E3A Wireless File Transmitter for EOS-40D/50D

Model WFT-E3A
Colour Black
Transmission Range 500 ft

Kit Contents:
Canon WFT-E3A Wireless File Transmitter for EOS-40D/50D
User Operating Instructions Manual

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