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Celestron 1.25 Inch Moon Filter

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Celestronís Moon Filter is an economical eyepiece filter for reducing the brightness of the Moon and improving contrast, so greater detail can be observed on the lunar surface. The clear aperture is 21mm and the transmission is about 18%. This makes the filter ideal for virtually any aperture telescope making the view of the Moon far easier on the eye and helping preserve dark adaption.

It is difficult to look at the Moon through a telescope and see all of the details due to its brightness. When amateur astronomers observe the Moon, it is beneficial to use a Moon Filter. A Celestron Moon Filter provides similar benefits to those of sunglasses, our eye relaxes and opens up to let us see more detail. This is especially important when observing the Moon when it is near full.

The Celestron Moon Filter simply screws onto the insert barrel of most 1.25Ē eyepieces. It only takes a second or two to transform your regular eyepiece into one suited for lunar observations. A Moon Filter is also helpful when observing Venus or bright terrestrial scenes.

Features - Celestron 1.25" Moon Filter

  • Ideal to view lunar and planetary surface in detail
  • High quality coating to eliminate glaring and ghosting
  • 21mm clear aperture for the 1.25" filter with 18% light transmission
  • Designed to reduce brightness of the moon and irradiation, increase
  • contrast & definition and resolution

Specification - Celestron 1.25" Moon Filter

  • Model Moon Filter 31.7mm (1.25")
  • Thread Size 1.25" (31.7mm)
  • Effect / Type Moon

Kit Content
Celestron 1.25" Moon Filter
User Operating Instructions Manual
Manufacturers Warranty

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Celestron 1.25 Inch Moon Filter


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