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Dorr 58mm Neutral Density 32 DHG Filter

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Dorr 58mm Neutral Density 32 DHG Filter:
Dorr 58mm Neutral Density 32 DHG Filter is a lightweight and durable filter that is specially designed for digital photography. This filter helps to create a dynamic expression via a long exposure, or to prevent blown out highlights caused by over exposure. Dorr ND Filter offers a light volume of 1/32nd and the equivalent exposure value is 5 stops. The filter can reduce the light volume without any changes in hue, allow even a novice photographer who is unfamiliar with slow shutter speed or iris control to make a difference in their pictures. Each filter uses a specially developed ultra-low reflection coating to minimize internal reflection off the cameras built-in CCD and CMOS Sensors. Neutral density filter reduce light volume, allowing the photographer to use slower shutter speeds under bright conditions, giving more control and creativity.

Dorr 58mm Neutral Density 32 DHG Filter

Features: Dorr 58mm Neutral Density 32 DHG Filter

Excellent for both professional and novice photographer
High grade scratch and stain resistant coating for durability
Provide ideal light volume reduction filter for digital shooting
Black-ink process on lens outer rim to minimize the inner reflection
Also optimizes contrast results of the photos and has a neutral colour
Designed especially to eliminate ghosting and flare of digital cameras
Protect front lens element from water, dirt, moisture and other damages
DHG coating also avoids reflections, the loss of sharpness and vividness
Extends the exposure time by a factor of 32 corresponding to 5 aperture stops
Incorporates DHG coating on both sides that ensures a light transmission of 99.5% minimum
Very useful when shooting in bright sunlight conditions or a highly reflective water surface

Specifications: Dorr 58mm Neutral Density 32 DHG Filter

Type: DHG ND32
Size: 58mm
Effect: Control Light Density
Coating: DHG Coating

Kit Contents
Dorr 58mm Neutral Density 32 DHG Filter

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