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Helios Monoculars

Monoculars are small telescopes ideal for general nature studies, hunting and espionage. They frequently used by visually impaired people or outdoor enthusiasts to bring distant object closer. Helios offers a wide range of handy and versatile monoculars. The Helios Nitrosport monoculars are designed to perfectly fit into the palm of your hand while Helios zoom monocular like Helios 10-25x42 provide you a powerful zoom magnification to bring the distant objects even closer ideal for close up viewing of butterflies or far away ships on the sea. Helios AMD super high resolution series feature special super-high reflectivity (SHR) prism coatings for outstanding brightness and exceptional image quality. Lightweight and compact Helios monoculars perfectly fit inside a pocket and are comfortable to hold what make them ideal and powerful devices for travelling.

Helios Ranger 7x32 Close Focus Monocular

Find out more about the Helios Ranger 7x32 Close Focus Monocular

The 7x32 Ranger Close Focus monocular from Helios is very comfortable to hold and allows you to focus down to amazing 30cm making it ideal for extreme close-up study of nature e.g. butterflies and flowers as well as for general observation of distant object while walking

Price £44.00 
Helios Rapide 10x25 Compact Monocular

Find out more about the Helios Rapide 10x25 Compact Monocular

Helios Rapide 10x25 Compact Monocular: Slim, compact and handy sized monocular that is constructed straight of the art for durability and performance. The body is armored with rubber with knurled grips for better holding and protection from the weather. The binocu

Price £22.00 
Helios Rapide 8x25 Compact Monocular

Find out more about the Helios Rapide 8x25 Compact Monocular

Helios Rapide 8x25 Compact Monocular: Handy and compact, very light weight monocular that offers performance and durability. Due to its small size the monocular is easy to carry in pocket and hand bag to the favorite location and sports. The 8x25 monocular offers

Price £18.99 
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