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Hilios Opera Glasses

Theatre or opera glasses is a great item in helping you to get a close view of an actor's or singer's facial expressions, musician's piano play, a costume detail. At the same time it can be the perfect gift to your loved one, or a business associate, opportunities are endless. Opera glasses are considered to be an elegant accessory to a formal dress.

Hilios Opera Glasses are rapidly gaining the popularity throughout the market. You can find them at many theatres and concert halls. Every piece is hand assembled and features a stylish and innovative design, with a broad palette of spectacular choice of colours that can assure the requirements of the individuals with variety of tastes. Helios Symphony offers a durable structure for long life usage. Special Gift Boxes are also available that safely places the opera glasses in an attractive presentable box.

All Opera glasses or binoculars are colourful and attractively made, some with LED lights, that highlight you in the theater. With 3x magnification, that is ideal for indoor use, a greater area of the stage can be viewed, along side avoiding the image shaking.

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