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Hoya 49mm FL-White Filter

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Manufacturer Code: IN0574FL
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Florescent lighting has characteristics that affect color rendition. This color shift is not usually visual to the human eye but will cause adverse effects on film.

When shooting under "daylight" florescents your pictures will have a purplish tone. Hoya's FL-D filter corrects and restores a normal color balance.
In industrial situations you might encounter "warm white" florescents which will give a greenish tone, requiring Hoya's FL-W corrective filter.
Both filters are available in coated and multi coated (stronger flare prevention) versions and all popular sizes.

As their names suggest, these filters use HOYA coloured glass. They are used for colour correction of different light sources when using colour film, or for controlling contrast with Black & White film. Colour correction filters are important, as colour films do not have the flexibility of the human eye to automatically adjust to different situations. Black & White films register colours as shades of grey and the rendition of each colour in a scene is important, so filters can be used to control this. The colour of the glass used in all these filters is carefully controlled and to reduce the possibility of colour shift over a period of time, such high quality filters are coated or multicoated on both sides. This maintains the desired effect and gives a long service life.

Hoya 49mm FL-White Filter

Features - Hoya 49mm FL-White Filter

Ideal for both professional as well as hobbyist
Design for lenses with 49mm filter thread
Provides true-to-life colour rendition in images
Produce pleasing skin tones under fluorescent lighting without flash
Essential in any environment where ambient light source is fluorescent
Adjust colour correction under fluorescent light when shooting with daylight film
Protect camera lens from scratches, dirt, fingerprints and other damages
Used to correct the colour balance when shooting daylight film under fluorescent lighting
The FL series of filters alone does not always guarantee 100% correct colour balance when shooting under fluorescent lighting
They are general purpose filters intended for moderate correction and will not, by themselves, necessarily provide perfect colour rendition

Specification - Hoya 49mm FL-White Filter

Model FL-White
Grade W
Material Glass
Thread Size 49mm
Effect Moderate colour correction under fluorescent light when shooting with daylight film
Front Filter Thread Size 49mm
Front Filter Lens Cap Size 49mm

Kit Contents:
Hoya 49mm FL-White Filter
User Operating Instructions Manual

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