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Hoya 49mm Standard X1 Green Filter

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Manufacturer Code: IN0224
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Brand:  Hoya
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This filter for black and white photography is the most effective for portraits. By darkening red and absorbing green and green-blue, skin and lips are rendered to the natural tone as seen by the eye. GENERAL These filters offer both amateur and professional photographers HOYA's famous quality at reasonable prices. They have coatings applied to both surfaces to suppress reflection and increase light transmission. There are a few exceptions in the special effects range which, due to the special materials used in construction, do not have coatings applied.

Hoya 49mm Standard X1 Green Filter

Features - Hoya 49mm Standard X1 Green Filter

Excellent for shooting nature,  foliage and scenic photography
Works on lenses that accept 49mm filters
Highly effective for indoor portraits under tungsten lighting
Especially recommended for portraits with flash or photo bulbs
Protects front lens surface from scratches, moisture, dirt and other damages
Due to its favourable effect on red tones, it is also suitable for portraits against the sky
High quality hoya multi coated clear optical glass has been used to ensure optimum light transmission and well detailed photos
Correct skin tones, bringing out facial expressions in close-ups and emphasizing the feeling of liveliness

Specification - Hoya 49mm Standard X1 Green Filter

Model Standard X1 Green
Material Glass
Size 49mm
Grade X1
Filter Factor 2 (+1 stop)
Coating Type Hoya Multi Coated (HMC)
Filter Effect Greens are lightened to reveal more detail and red blossoms darkened

Kit Content
Hoya 49mm Standard X1 Green Filter
User Operating Instructions Manual

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