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Hoya 52mm HMC NDX2 Filter

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Hoya 52mm HMC NDX2 Filter is a lightweight and durable filter which is designed to use in condition of extreme light intensity such as sunshine on snowy mountains or on the beach or when using a camcorder, ND filters are recommended as essential. Neutral Density filters appear grey and reduce the amount of light reaching the film, they have no affect on colour balance. It is multi-coating to minimize reflection at surface which reduces flare and ghost. It enables slow shutter speeds with fast films to record movement in subjects such as waterfalls, clouds, cars, seas etc.

It decreases depth of field by allowing wider apertures to be used, which helps separate subjects from their background. It also decreases the effect of high speed film and allows it to be used outdoors in blight situations. To allow cine and video cameras to film subjects such as snow, sand or other bright scenes which are normally cause
over-exposure. This filter is essential for those photographers who need clear, sharp and accurate image. The filter protect lens surface from dust, scratches, dirt and fingerprints and can be easily install and remove.

Features: Hoya 52mm HMC NDX2 Filter

  • Enable slow shutter speeds.
  • Decrease depth of field by allowing wider apertures to be used.
  • Decrease the effective ISO of high speed by 1 stop and reduces ISO 1/2.
  • Allow cine and video cameras which have fixed shutter speeds.
  • Multi-coated to minimize reflection and reduces flare and ghosting.
  • Dimensions: 2.1 inches high x 2.1 inches long x 0.8 inches deep.

Specifications: Hoya 52mm HMC NDX2 Filter

  • Device Type: Filter
  • Effect / Type: Neutral Density
  • Coating: Hoya-Multi Coated.
  • Item Display Diameter: 52 millimeters.
  • Attenuation Factor: 2
  • % transmittance: 50%
  • Filter Optical Density: 0.3
  • f-Stop Reduction: 1
  • Warranty: 1 years

Kit content
Hoya 52mm HMC NDX2 Filter
Storage box
Lens cleaning cloth
User guide

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Hoya 52mm HMC NDX2 Filter


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