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Hoya 58mm 1B HMC Skylight Filter

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Manufacturer Code: IN0691
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Hoya 58mm 1B HMC Skylight Filter: Hoya 58mm 1B HMC Skylight Filter is a lightweight and durable filter which is designed for diminishes bluish tones and keeps skin tones natural and free of coloured reflection from near-by objects and produces a pleasing, warmer picture tone. The filter absorbs excess blue from sea, sky and high altitude shots. The Hoya filter also reduces the bluish cast common with some electronic flash units.

When used in outdoor shooting the filter provides superb colour balance and clarity under all conditions and Provide additional benefits of correction for Ultraviolet (UV) light which can register on film and videotape as a bluish cast and can obscure distant details. The filter provides additional protection of front lens element from dust, moisture and scratches.

Features: Hoya 58mm 1B HMC MC Skylight-Filter
  • Due to it's pink colour it diminishes/blocks Bluish tones in outdoor shots
  • Protect Lens from dust, moisture and scratches
  • Multi-Coating for Ghost and Flare protection
  • Increase light transmission and suppress Reflection
  • To get all benefits Constant use recommended
  • F-stops = 0, Filter Factor = 1.1 (Approximately)

  • Specifications: Hoya 58mm 1B HMC MC Skylight-Filter
  • Diameter: 58mm
  • Filter Type: Skylight
  • Fitting Type (FP): Screw-in
  • Grade: 1B
  • Front Lens Cap Size: 58mm
  • Rotating: NO
  • Effect: Produce a pleasing and warmer picture tone

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    Hoya 58mm 1B HMC MC Skylight-Filter
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    Hoya 58mm 1B HMC Skylight Filter


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