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Hoya 58mm Standard 80B Blue Filter

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Hoya 58mm Standard 80B Blue Filter:
Hoya 58mm Standard 80B Blue Filter is a lightweight and durable filter that is designed to work with daylight-balanced film under tungsten-lit conditions. This filter from Hoya is a cooling filter used to increase the color temperature from 3400K to 5500K. The blue color of the filter has a filter factor of 3x, requiring an additional 1.6 stops of exposure to achieve normal results. It is constructed from optical glass and has a six-layer HMC coating to reduce surface reflections and glare in order to retain high image accuracy, clarity and contrast. It is mounted within a durable, lightweight aluminum ring that has a hard-anodized finish to guard against wear.

Hoya 58mm Standard 80B Blue Filter

Features - Hoya 58mm Standard 80B Blue Filter

Fits to lenses that are threaded for 58mm filters
Exclusively corrects colour balance for standard processing
Guard front lens surface from scratches, moisture and dust
Ideal to use for shooting daylight film under artificial (household) lighting conditions
Increases colour temperature from 3400K to 5500K for use with photoflood lamps
Permits light transmission of over 97%, giving sharp contrast and well balanced colour
Designed to balance daylight film under artificial, tungsten or standard (household) incandescent lighting
High quality double coated glass helps to reduce reflection at the filter surfaces which reduces flare and ghosting

Specification - Hoya 58mm Standard 80B Blue Filter

Model 80B Blue
Material Glass
Thread Size 58mm
Filter Factor 4 (+2 stop)
Coating Type Hoya Multi Coated (HMC)
Colour Temperature Increase From 3400K to 5500K
Filter Effect Balances daylight film for use with most standard tungsten lighting, studio lighting and copy stand lighting

Kit Content
Hoya 58mm Standard 80B Blue Filter
User Operating Instructions Manual

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Hoya 58mm Standard 80B Blue Filter


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