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Hoya 62mm Close-Up Kit (+1,+2,+4) HMC (Multi-Coated)

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Manufacturer Code: A62CUS
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Hoya 62mm Close-Up Kit (+1,+2,+4) HMC (Multi-Coated):
Hoya 62mm Close-Up Kit is a set of three filters that is designed for close-up photography. Each filter has a power of +1, +2, or +4, and can be used separately or in combination to photograph small objects such as flowers and insects at a close range. These filters use Hoya Multi-Coated (HMC) technology to reduce flare and ghosting while maintaining an average light transmission of 97%. The ring is made of aluminum with a threaded front so the filters can be combined. Close-up filters allow you to get closer to the subject. With close-up filters depth of field tends to be very shallow and it is recommended to shoot with smaller apertures for greater focus.

Hoya 62mm Close-Up Kit (+1,+2,+4) HMC (Multi-Coated)

Features - Hoya 62mm Close-Up Kit (+1,+2,+4) HMC (Multi-Coated)

Kit contains +1,+2 and +4 close-up filters
Filters can be used alone or in any combination
To achieve high magnification dioptres can be stacked
Most cost-effective way for close-up and macro photography
Depth-of-field is shallow so use as small an aperture as possible
Supplied with soft case for safe storage and worriless transportation
Black aluminium filter ring to reduce reflection and enhance lens performance
Hoya multi-coated optical window to ensure light transmission of over 97% and excellent contrast
Allows the lens to go closer to the subject than before and to achieve a larger image scale

Specification - Hoya 62mm Close-Up Kit (+1,+2,+4) HMC (Multi-Coated)

Model Close-Up Kit
Size 62mm
Filter Kit +1, +2 and +4
Construction Hoya Optical Glass
Application Macro Photography
Coating Hoya Multi-Coating (HMC)
Front Filter Thread Size 62mm
Front Lens Cap Size 62mm
Effect Permits your lens to focus closer than it normally would

Kit Content
Hoya 62mm Close-Up Kit (+1,+2,+4) HMC (Multi-Coated)
User Operating Instructions Manual

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Hoya 62mm Close-Up Kit (+1,+2,+4) HMC (Multi-Coated)


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