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Hoya 67mm Close-Up Kit (+1,+2,+4) HMC (Multi-Coated)

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Manufacturer Code: A67CUS
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Hoya 67mm Close-Up Kit (+1,+2,+4) HMC (Multi-Coated):
Hoya 67mm Close-Up Kit is a set of three filters that is designed for close-up photography. Each filter has a power of +1, +2, or +4, and can be used separately or in combination to photograph small objects such as flowers and insects at a close range. These filters use Hoya Multi-Coated (HMC) technology to reduce flare and ghosting while maintaining an average light transmission of 97%. The ring is made of aluminum with a threaded front so the filters can be combined. Close-up filters allow you to get closer to the subject. With close-up filters depth of field tends to be very shallow and it is recommended to shoot with smaller apertures for greater focus.

Features - Hoya 67mm Close-Up Kit (+1,+2,+4) HMC (Multi-Coated)

  • Excellent to use for high detailed photos
  • Dioptres can be "stacked" for extreme magnification
  • Least expensive way to achieve close-up photography
  • Depth-of-field is shallow so use as small an aperture as possible
  • Supplied with soft case for safe storage and worriless transportation
  • Black aluminium filter ring to reduce reflection and enhance lens performance
  • High quality multi-coated glass to ensure edge to edge sharp and balanced colour photos
  • Allows the lens to go closer to the subject than before and to achieve a larger image scale
  • Hoya multi-coating provides an average light transmission of over 97% and produce optimum brighter images

Specification - Hoya 67mm Close-Up Kit (+1,+2,+4) HMC (Multi-Coated)

  • Model Close-Up Kit
  • Size 67mm
  • Grade +1, +2 and +4
  • Construction Hoya Optical Glass
  • Application Macro Photography
  • Coating Hoya Multi-Coating (HMC)
  • Front Filter Thread Size 67mm
  • Front Lens Cap Size 67mm
  • Effect Permits your lens to focus closer than it normally would

Kit Content

  • Hoya 67mm Close-Up Kit (+1,+2,+4) HMC (Multi-Coated)
  • User Operating Instructions Manual


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Hoya 67mm Close-Up Kit (+1,+2,+4) HMC (Multi-Coated)


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