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Hoya 67mm Graduated ND10 Neutral Density Filter

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Hoya 67mm Graduated ND10 Neutral Density Filter is designed for professional and hobbyist photographers who produce video using SLRs. It feature a supreme quality clear optical glass construction to maintained image clarity. Neutral density filters are designed to reduce the amount of light entering your camera lens and do not have any other effect on the image. Reducing the amount of light allows for the use of wider apertures or slower shutter speeds for creative and dramatic affect in bright lighting conditions.

The Hoya Graduate ND10 is darker at the upper part. This dark region gave a 3-stop light reduction which then faded to a 1-stop light reduction at the bottom. The feature of this filter offers more balance explosure between the lighter and darker region of scene. This feature is especially useful for images that include the sky. The aluminum filter frame rotates so the darkest area can be positioned as required. This filter is ideal for bright, moving objects, sky, and other outdoor photography.

  • User Friendly Design
  • Balances exposure
  • Rotating Frame Design
  • High Grade Lightweight Aluminium Frame
  • Supreme Quality Clear Optical Glass Construction
  • The Filter Do Not Alter The Coloration of an Image
  • Protects Front Lens Surface From Scratches, Moisture, Dust, Knocks and Dirt
  • Well Suited For Bright, Moving Objects, Sky, And Other Outdoor Photography

  • Specification
  • Manufacturer: Hoya
  • Country of Manufacturer: Japan
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Model: Graduated ND10
  • Size: 67mm
  • Front Lens Cap Size: 67mm
  • Front Filter Thread Size: 67mm
  • Light Lost: 3 to 1 Stops
  • Construction: Clear Optical Glass With Aluminium Frame
  • Optical density: 0.9 to 0.3 gradation (ND10 to ND2)
  • Dimensions: 6.7 x 6.7 x 1cm
  • Weight: 56g

  • Kit Content
  • Hoya 67mm Graduated ND10 Neutral Density Filter
  • User Guide
  • Manufacturer Warranty

  • Package Information
  • Weight: 65g
  • Box Dimensions: 7.3 x 7.3 x 2 cm

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    Hoya 67mm Graduated ND10 Neutral Density Filter


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