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Metz 58 AF-2 Digital Nikon Fit Flashgun

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Metz 58 AF-2 Digital Nikon Fit Flashgun

Due to its high GN of 58 at ISO 100/21 and 105mm focal length, the 58 AF-2 digital is not only particularly powerful, but also can be used for indirect flash lighting to vast effect. This new evolution of the 58 series now allows flash coverage down to an incredible 12mm. Using the included secondary reflector, extra brilliance can be achieved with this flash technology in close-up areas to fill in shadows caused by bounce flash. The secondary reflector can be adjusted from full power to 1/4 power relative to the main reflector to facilitate you attain wonderful flash balance. The Metz 58AF-2 also has marvellous wireless capabilities. As a commander unit, the Metz 58AF-2 can control other Metz flashes or flashes from your cameras manufacturer. As a commander, the Metz 58AF-2 will allow control of up to 3 flash groups in either TTL or manual flash exposure. The Metz 58AF-2 can also be used as a wireless receiver in a TTL system. A new innovation in the Metz 58AF-2 is a servo flash mode that allows the photographer to wirelessly trigger the flash using their built in flash in their camera - Even if their camera does not function as a wireless TTL controller. This mode does not allow TTL communication but the flash output can be adjusted on the flash itself to accomplish correct exposure. The high performance power pack P 76 can also be used with the Metz 58 AF-2 digital, for reduced flash recycle time and a huge increase in capacity of flashes per charge.

Features - Metz 58 AF-2 Digital Nikon Fit Flashgun

Secondary reflector with 2 light levels
Vertical (-7/+90) and horizontal (300) swivel reflector
Illuminated dot matrix LC display
Motor zoom for 24 105 mm illumination
Integrated wide-angle diffuser for 12 mm illumination
Flip-out reflector card
Modelling light (permanent light to check image illumination)
Integrated autofocus multi-zone flash metering
Flash readiness indicator and correct exposure display on the LCD and camera
Flash range display in LCD
Automatic unit shut-off and manual key lock

Specification - Metz 58 AF-2 Digital Nikon Fit Flashgun

Size 71 x 148 x 99mm
Max guide number 58
Vertical positions -7 to 90
Horizontal positions -120 to 180
Power Source 4x AA batteries
Zoom Range 24-105mm
Focal Length Coverage with Diffuser 12mm
Aperture settings 12
Manual Power Levels 25
Nikon Specific Modes i-TTL/D-TTL/3D flash mode and i-TTL remote mode

Kit Contents
Metz 58 AF-2 Digital Nikon Fit Flashgun
Operating Instructions Manual
Metz Warranty

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