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Night detective ND-A3M Night Vision Monocular

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Night Detective

Night Detective ND-A3M Night Vision Monocular

Night detective ND-A3M monoculars are 100% impermeable, versatile device offered in a variety of body colours and textures. ND ARGO 3 models have 3x optical magnification.

Night Detective†offers a broad variety of day and night visualization optics, as well as binoculars, and scopes. Night Detective products are manufactured to high-quality standards; combining exact craftsmanship, dependability and user-friendly ergonomics.

ND A3M night vision monocular is appropriate and straightforward to use Generation 1 NightVision monoculars. Prepared with an incorporated Infrared illuminator, Night Detective ND-A3M Night Vision monoculars can be functioning in complete darkness. Supreme class multicoated optics enhances image vividness and propose enhanced light arrangement.

This excellent optical appliance features 3x magnification which is a good all-around option for universal purpose viewing outdoors; smaller subjects will be easily identifiable, and far-away scenes will appear more up close and personal.

The fundamental IR (Infrared) illuminator enables total night screening with the easy turn over of a switch; in spite of the weather or the time of day, the Argo 3M will lift the cloak of darkness.

All nightvision Products sold by Microglobe have mechanisms in place to guard the intensifier tube from a unexpected explode of bright light, but this does not mean that shine doesn't harm the device. No matter what, bright light in any form is not fine for the permanence and performance of image intensifier tubes.

Features - Night Detective ND-A5M Night Vision Monocular

100% Waterproof
Generation 1+ EIT
3x image magnification
Built-in Infrared illuminator
Multicoated lenses for higher precision
Automatic light protection circuit

Specifications - Night Detective ND-A5M Night Vision Monocular

Generation 1+
Magnification 3x
Resolution (lp/mm) 24-30
Range of View (feet) 650
Spectral Sensitivity 400-900
Focal Length (in) 1.15
Objective Aperture 1/1.2
Focusing Range (in) 8-infinity
Power Supply 3V Lithium battery
Dimensions (in) 7.1x
Weight (lb) 1.0

Kit Content
Soft Carry Case
CR123A Battery

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