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Night Detective Rider 3 Night Vision Monocular Titanium colour

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Manufacturer Code: ND-R3-TITAN
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Brand:  Night Detective
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Night Detective

Description: Night Detective Rider 3 Night Vision Monocular Titanium colour

Night Detective Rider 3 Night Vision Monocular is the latest, best selling item. It is constructed from a two-piece rubber-coated body and are ergonomically designed to provide comfortable handling. It is available at reasonable price for the outdoor enthusiast who takes part in camping, boating, fishing, and nature study. It is also used for home security, safety, search and rescue, and navigation.

Night Detective Rider 3 Night Vision Monocular uses Gen.1 intensifier tubes and powerful Infrared illuminator which provides clear and bright viewing in complete darkness. It features soft-touch control buttons, power and IR indicators and a compact ergonomic design that comfortably fits in one hand. It boasts the highest grade multi-coated objective lenses providing 3x image magnification and unsurpassed resolution for higher quality distant visibility.

Night Detective Rider 3 Night Vision Monocular is equipped with automatic light protection circuit, which disengages the power in the event of exposure to intense light. It is encased in rubber armoured covering to protect against bumps, scratches and dust from daily use. It can be used safely during rain or cloudy conditions for a consistent period of time with the help of efficient circuitry design.

An important feature of ND Rider 3 Night Vision Monocular is that it makes possible night vision photography using SLR cameras, or compatible video cameras for getting desired images or videos. It is highly economical available at reasonable price tags.

Features - Night Detective Rider 3 Night Vision Monocular

Compact, lightweight Titanium coloured body
Premier quality Gen.1 + EIT intensifier tubes
High optical magnification of 3x
Integrated built-in Infrared illuminator
Rubber armoured covering for protection against scratches
Efficient circuit design and long battery life
Automatic light circuit to protect from sudden burst of light
Central focus system for easy viewing

Specifications - Night Detective Rider 3 Night Vision Monocular

Product Code ND-R3-TITAN
Intensifier Tubes - Rider 3 Night Vision Monocular Gen.1+
Infrared Illuminator Yes
Coatings Type Super Multi-coated
Magnification -  Rider 3 Night Vision Monocular 2.5x
Power Supply Two 1.5 Volt "AA" Batteries
Maximum Viewing Range (ft) 580
Close Focus Distance (ft.) 9.0 to infinity
Resolution (lines/mm) 24 - 35
Objective Aperture -  Rider 3 Night Vision Monocular 1 / 1.3
Spectral Sensitivity 400 - 900
Focal Length (Inches) 2.58
Focusing System Central
Size (W x H x D) Inches 7.0 x 2.5 x 3.1
Weight (lbs) -  Rider 3 Night Vision Monocular 1.2

Kit Contents
ND Rider 3 Night Vision Monocular
Rider 3 Case
User Guide

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Customer Reviews on Night Detective Rider 3 Night Vision Monocular Titanium colour

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Bought from Microglobe and it arrived the next morning and was well packaged. Well done Microglobe! The Night Detective Rider 3 was a delight on opening the box: It appears very well made and is surprisingly light. Its' shape means that it sits comfortably in one hand leaving the other hand free to adjust the focus. Lightness and sitting securely in the hand is surely going to be very important since to get the best out of the monocular it is imperative that one hand is free for focussing since this is something that you will find yourself constantly doing if you are, for example, watching wildlife at night.
As a first-time user the ease of use is a delight; one button turns the device on and the IR turns itself on and off according to light-levels and the refllective nature of things being viewed. Don't expect to turn the device on to find yourself looking through normal daylight-vision scopes since it takes a bit of practice to adjust your eyes to the green hue and definition, but after a short while using the device becomes second-nature and very rewarding.
Do plenty of research before buying. There are lots on ebay however buying new from Microglobe was not only cheaper than second-hand on ebay but it also gave the reasurance of a guarantee and security in the knowledge that the device hadn't been exposed to bright-light which can render a night-vision device useless.

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