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Nikon 20x Field Stereoscopic Portable Microscope

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Manufacturer Code: BJA001EA
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Nikon 20x Field Stereoscopic Portable Microscope: Nikon stereo microscope that is Robust, versatile and light weight is an innovatively designed stereoscope that is ideal for college, school labs or for general use. Its shock proof construction makes it durable and light weight and offers easy grip for portability. Its magnification of 20x allows better viewing of the macro objects with a great working distance and a three dimensional look. Nikon stereo microscope offers greater depth of focus than a compound microscope, and macro objects can be easily seen with larger field of view. The right eye piece is equipped with diopter adjustment ring for easy adjustment for vision differences. Multifunction standard stage is provided that can be used when inverted or removed for use on a tripod. Both the top and underside of the plate can be used as the top side is flat that accommodate larger specimens, while the underside is cap shaped made for small specimens. Turret-mounted focus knob is provided that offers easy grip while focusing. The stereoscope is provided with rotate able head element. When the plate form is attached to the tripod or stand, the rotate able head offers free adjustment to any angle for better viewing. The microscope can be used for field studies as it incorporates built-in light source and batteries that offers one hour continuous operation. The stereoscope is ideal for larger specimen observation like, rocks, gem stones, herbs, insects, electrical components and circuit boards, anatomical observations and industrial usage.

Nikon 20x Field Stereoscopic Portable Microscope

Features - Nikon 20x Field Stereoscopic Portable Microscope

Lightweight, compact and portable body, ideal for collages, labs, researcher and general uses
Equipped with dioptre adjustment ring for comfort
Magnifies objects 20 times with a three dimensional effect
Wide ranging adjustment for interplanetary distance
Head can be rotated 180 degree to make it compact and easy to carry anywhere
Shockproof construction along with the turret-mounted focus knob and easy-to-grip
Platform can be fixed to a tripod and the head rotates so that any angle can be freely chosen for observation
Both of the top and the underside of the multifunctional standard stage plate can be used or the plate can be removed entirely

Specification - Nikon 20x Field Stereoscopic Portable Microscope

Magnification 20x (fixed)
Optical system Upright, un reversed image; eyepiece dioptre adjustable for right eye; 56-to-72mm interpupillary distance adjustment
Field of vision 11mm (diameter)
Angle of view 12.6
Vertical adjustment 50mm from the base of stage
Eye relief 11.1mm
Plate Removal and reversible (top: flat; underside: built-in cup)
Light source 2.5V-0.5A halogen lamp
Light settings On/off
Power source CR 123A lithium battery; approx. 1-hour battery life (at 20C)
Operating temperature (C) -10 - +50
Distance display (increment) 0.5 meter/yard
Power source CR2 lithium battery x 1 (DC 3V)
Dimensions (H x D x W) (In use) 184-238 (H)x94 (D)x100 (W) (Folded close) 144 (H)
Weight Approx. 610 (without batteries)

Kit Content
Nikon 20x Field Stereoscopic Portable Microscope
Soft Case
Head Unit Cover
User Operating Instructions Manual
Manufacturers Warranty

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Nikon 20x Field Stereoscopic Portable Microscope


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