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Nikon 72mm (B2) Cooling Filter

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Description -Nikon 72mm B2 Cooling Filter

Nikon 72mm Cooling Filter reduce excess red tones that effect daylight film when shooting early morning or late evening. Nikon 72mm Cooling Filter are also effective if your flash exposures are too 'warm'. 'A' is the mildest of the 82 series. Nikon 72mm Cooling Filter has a filter factor of 1.3 and requiring 1/3 f-stop of additional light. All light sources, natural or artificial, have characteristics that affect colour rendition on film. Colour correcting filters (Nikon 72mm Cooling Filter) are designed to 'warm', 'cool' and/or correct for the many variations of lighting you might encounter. Nikon 72mm Cooling Filter have a 'filter factor' which is a measurement of the light it absorbs. Cameras with internal metering (through the lens) will automatically adjust the exposure. With external or hand held meters you must allow for this factor.

Nikon 72mm B2 Cooling Filter

Features - Nikon 72mm B2 Cooling Filter

Recommended to Use for 'cool' mood photography
Compaitible with lenses having 72mm front filter thread
Also ideal to use with flashes whose exposures are too warm
Returns skin tones to natural when shot in early morning or late evening light
Modern strobes (flash) approximate midday sun and any warming or cooling filtration with flash should be based on 'daylight'

Specification - Nikon 72mm B2 Cooling Filter

Model B2 Cooling
Size 72mm
Construction Glass
Filter Factor 1.3 and requiring 1/3 f-stop of additional light

Kit Content
Nikon 72mm B2 Cooling Filter
User Operating Instructions Manual

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Nikon 72mm (B2) Cooling Filter


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