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Nikon SW-14H Diffusion Dome

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Manufacturer Code: 4963
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Nikon SW-14H Diffusion Dome:
Nikon SW-14H Diffusion Dome is a lightweight, portable and durable diffusion dome which is designed specifically for Nikon SB-700 flashlight. It is constructed from a rigid plastic panel which diffuses light from the flash to soften shadows. This diffusion dome works with Nikon SB-700 Flashlight which will soften and diffuse the direct light from your portable flash for a more flattering light. As we know that the light transmits in one direction but the diffuser dome send light in every direction at the same time. It provide an opportunity to the photographers to get the most perfect and possible light from their flashgun to get a clear and crispy image. It can be easily install and remove from a flashlight.

Nikon SW-14H Diffusion Dome

      Features - Nikon SW-14H Diffusion Dome

Designed specifically for Nikon SB-700 flash light
Diffuses light from the speedlight to soften shadows
Attaching it to the flash produces an omni directional diffused light
Lightweight, rigid plastic construction for durability and precise functionality

Specification - Nikon SW-14H Diffusion Dome

Model SW-14H
Accessory Type Diffuser
Colour Opaque
Weight 45g
Works With Nikon SB-700 Flashlight

Kit Contents:
Nikon SW-14H Diffusion Dome
User Operating Instructions Manual

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