Product Code: BAB90006

Nikon Tripod/Monopod Adapter H (Hard) Type

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Manufacturer Code: BAB90006
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Brand:  Nikon
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Nikon Tripod / Monopod Adapter H (Hard) Type: This adapter gives a secure binoculars connection to a tripod or allows you to use the same tripod for different-sized binoculars. The Nikon hard type tripod adapter features a base upon which you place the binoculars and a metal clamp to fix the binoculars body firmly on the adapter. The Nikon h-type adapter is suitable for the roof (dach) prism binoculars such as the Nikon High Grade series (8x42HG L DCF, 10x42HG L DCF, 8x32HG L DCF, 10x32HG L DCF) and Monarch series binoculars as well as other brands of binoculars in similar shape.

Specification: Nikon Tripod and Monopod Adapter H (Hard) Type
  • Brand Nikon
  • Item Code: BAB90006
  • Designed for Nikon EDG Binoculars & MONARCH series

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    Nikon Tripod and Monopod Adapter H (Hard) Type
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    Nikon Tripod/Monopod Adapter H (Hard) Type


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