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Olympus DM-720 4GB Silver Digital Record & Transcribe Kit inc AS-2400

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Manufacturer Code: V414111SE040
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Olympus DM-720 4GB Silver Digital Record & Transcribe Kit inc AS-2400:
Olympus DM-720 4GB Digital Record & Transcribe is a digital recording device capable of storing files in Linear PCM (WAV) formats as well as MP3. It can operate at sample rates up to 48 kHz and resolutions up to 16-bit. It is a lightweight, compact and portable recorder with a Tresmic three-microphone system for capturing a full and detailed stereo sound. An included USB cable allows you to connect to computers directly and recharge a NiMH AAA battery sitting within its enclosureóshould you opt for a rechargeable battery over its included alkaline one. Its transcription, voice-balancing, and voice-playback modes render the unit quite useful in note-taking situations, such as business meetings or interviews.

Olympus DM-720 4GB Silver Digital Record & Transcribe Kit inc AS-2400

Features: Olympus DM-720 4GB Silver Digital Record & Transcribe Kit inc AS-2400

  • High-quality sound
  • Top usability
  • A clever supporter for your business
  • Record meetings in crystal clear stereo
  • An elegant silver design, easy-to-use interface and perfect sound quality thanks to the TRESMIC system makes the DM-720 your perfect companion to support your business needs
  • Internal Storage
  • You can store 985 hours of Stereo recordings of the 4GB built in memory.
  • Clear sound. From high to low.
  • A feature unique to high-end OLYMPUS audio recorders is the advanced TRESMIC 3 microphone system for the most accurate stereo sound capture possible. It uses two directional microphones for recording high-quality stereo sound, and a third omni-directional centre microphone that picks up the lower frequency bass sound. It increases the frequency response range to 20Hz20kHz while achieving a natural stereo feeling.
  • Efficient Voice Playback
  • By using the Voice Playback function, you can skip non-voice parts during playback, and only play parts of the file where there is voice. This feature makes transcribing meeting minutes efficient. For example, if 70% of the recorded file contains speech, you can finish listening to a 1-hour recording in about 40 minutes. Once you finish recording, use Voice Playback to save time and improve playback for transcription.
  • A clip and a stand for every situation.
  • The recorder also comes with a handy clip stand attachment that can be attached to the rear of the recorder body. The clip stand can be attached to your pocket or notebook, or can be used as a stand to face the recorder towards the audio source, to reduce noise when the recorder is placed directly on a tabletop.
  • Easy connection to save your data.
  • Save data easily and conveniently with the built-in USB connector. Simply slot it into your PC or Mac to transfer voice recordings from the device to an external hard disk drive. You can also use it like a USB stick to share documents.
  • Linear PCM and MP3
  • Record and playback supports two different types of format. The linear PCM format employs a sampling rate of 48 kHz, surpassing even CD-quality audio.
  • Manual Recording Level
  • By fine-tuning the recording level to match the volume of the audio source, you can achieve high quality recording that makes the most of the dynamic range.
  • Zoom Microphone
  • The latest directional quality control technologies narrow the directionality of the microphone and increasing the recording level enables you to zoom into the sound source you want to record. Unleash the power of proximity recording in noisy environments, or when recording from a distance.
  • Noise Cancel
  • The Noise Cancel function ensures clear playback quality by powerfully reducing unwanted continuous background noise such as busy offices or noisy meeting rooms.
  • Voice Playback
  • Transcribe your recordings quickly and efficiently. Voice Playback extracts the voice portions and automatically skips the parts without voices. The DM-720 also works perfectly with Speech Recognition Software.
  • Voice Balancer
  • The Voice Balancer makes smaller voices louder while louder voices remain below a given level, ensuring that playback is clear and consistent. Since the Voice Filter operates simultaneously to eliminate the lower and higher frequency range, voices are even more enhanced.
  • Voice Guide
  • Operate your recorder without even looking at it. The clearly spoken audible Voice Guidance reads out the menu to you, making your recordings even more convenient.
  • Scene Select
  • Make fail-safe recordings by choosing the scene in which you want to record. Your recorder instantly sets the optimal recording parameters. To make a switch in situations requiring a quick response even easier, the DM-720 has a dedicated button for this purpose.

Specifications:†Olympus DM-720 4GB Silver Digital Record & Transcribe Kit inc AS-2400

  • 4GB internal storage
  • Store up to 985 hours of sound
  • Advanced TRESMIC 3 microphone system
  • Accurate stereo sound and low frequency bass
  • Linear PCM and MP3 format
  • Efficient Voice Playback feature
  • Manual Recording Level
  • Noise Cancel function
  • Scene Select

Kit Contents
Olympus DM-720 4GB Silver Digital Record & Transcribe Kit inc AS-2400
Manufacturer's Warranty
User Operating Instructions Manual

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