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Pentax AF-540FGZ Dedicated Shoe Mount Zoom Flash

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Description: Pentax 540 AF FGZ, AF-540FGZ Dedicated Shoe Mount Zoom Flash

Pentax announced the new dedicated shoe mount zoom flashgun, the Pentax 540 AF FGZ. It has a full exposure compensation through a simple control dial. Pentax 540 FGZ offers a high_guide_number, covers increased range and flexible flash performance. It has P-TTL mode with pre flash allows for more accurate strobe photography. It has Wireless P-TTL flash, which functions, when used with the MZ-S, ZX-L, *ist D Cameras. It offers high speed on camera and wireless flash is available in P-TTL modes. Pentax 540 AF flash has Standard TTL, when used with Pentax TTL flash enabled camera bodies. Pentax 540 offers both Auto and Manual modes for more creative control or use with non-TTL camera bodies. The new flash offers LCD display shows the effective range of the flash in P-TTL, TTL and AUTO modes. Modeling light feature strobes for one second so the photographer can check for unwanted shadows or highlights. The flash also includes an autofocus assist beam for focusing in low light or low contrast situations.

Specifications-Pentax 540 AF FGZ, AF-540FGZ Dedicated Shoe Mount Zoom Flash

Hot Shoe Clip-on

TTL auto zoom flash unit with serial control

Guide Number Feet

With ISO 100

GN Manual-177


GN Manual-164


GN Manual-148


GN Manual-128


GN Manual-115


GN Manual-105


GN Manual

69 (20mmw/wide-angle panel)

Zoom Range

85mm to 24/20mm* (* w/wide angle panel)

Bounce Capability Up

-10o, 0o, 30o, 45o, 60o, 75o, 90o

Swivel Capability Right

0o, 30o, 60o, 90o, 120o, 150o, 180o

Swivel Capability Left

0o, 30o, 60o, 90o, 135o

Recycle Time Alkaline

(LR6) Approx. 6 sec. Approx. 200 Flashes

Recycle Time Nickel

hydroxide (Ni-MH) Approx. 6 sec. Approx. 250 Flashes

Recycle Time Lithium

(FR6) Approx. 6 sec. Approx. 350 Flashes

Consecutive Discharge

Apprx. 2 frames/sec for 50 pictures, at [M 1/64] output (with alkaline LR6 batteries)

Other Color Temperature

Daylight Lighting

Angle Zooming position.85mm

V-23 H-31

Angle Zooming position.70mm

V-26 H- 36

Angle Zooming position.50mm

V-34 H- 46

Angle Zooming position.35mm

V-45 H-60

Angle Zooming position.28mm

V-53 H-70

Angle Zooming position.24mm

V-60 H-78

Angle Zooming position.20mm

V-85 H-98 (w/wide angle panel) AF

Spot beam

Red beam emitted under low light or low-contrast conditions

Compatible Film Speed

ISO 25 - 1600 Flash


P-TTL auto, TTL auto, auto, manual Flash

Exposure Compensation

P-TTL mode -3.0 to +1.0 steps (0.5 step increments)

Flash Amount Setting wireless slave

[1/1, 2/3, 1 / 2, 1 / 3]


[1/1, 1 / 2, 1 / 4, 1 / 8, 1 / 16, 1 / 32, 1/64]

Flash Sync Mode

Leading-shutter-curtain sync, trailing-shutter-curtain sync, contrast-control-sync, high-speed-sync, modeling flash Wireless Flash Control system:Optical pulse transmission

Wireless position

Master (M), control (C), slave (S)


1 through 4 Compatible modes: P-TTL, auto (A), manual (M)

Effective range

Apprx. 13ft (according to Pentax testing conditions)

Power Saving



After approx. 3 min. of non-operation with the power in the ON position, 6 min. in Auto, 1 hour in wireless mode

Red-Eye Reduction Operates

w/AF cameras equipped with red-eye reduction feature

Modeling button

fires flash consecutively for 1 second

Wide Angle Panel

Pull out manually, flash zoom position automatically sets to 20mm Catchlight


Pull out manually

LCD Panel Illumination

Light button illuminates the LCD panel for about 10 seconds, or press button again to turn off

Power Source

Size-AA batteries x 4, Alkaline LR6, Nickel Hydroxide (Ni-MH), or Lithium FR6



Weight w/o batteries

13.4 oz

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Customer Reviews on Pentax AF-540FGZ Dedicated Shoe Mount Zoom Flash

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Not had chance to use the flashgun to its full potential so far, but it appears to do what is required. Considering a well known chain photography shop wanted 446 for the AF 540FGZ, it was a bargan at the price I paid. This flashgun appears to be far superior to others I have used on all settings. Dedicated to my camera (Pentax K2000D) there is a very great scope for the flash and camera together (TTL, Program, manual, shutter priority, Aperture priority), all work well. Though I must stress at the moment I am only playing with it and not using it for outside work (at functions). I will possibly test it fully over the Christmas period.
The service received from Microglobe was also first class. I ordered at 4.30 in the afternoon on Monday and the flashgun was delivered by 8.30 on Wednesday morning. Packed in a sturdy cardboard box and well protected with polystyrene. and well sealed. Thank you for your brilliant service ... Duncan

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