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Pentax PF-65ED-A II Angled 65mm ED Spotting Scope Body

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Manufacturer Code: 70967
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Pentax PF-65ED-A II Angled 65mm ED Spotting Scope

Pentax 65mm Spotting Scope is designed for high-quality, high-precision outdoor viewing. The Pentax 65mm Spotting Scope incorporates porro-prism optics and a 65mm objective lens with PENTAX-exclusive ED (Extra-low Dispersion) optical elements to deliver sharp, high-contrast images with minimal chromatic aberration.

With a 45-degree slanted lens barrel, the Pentax 65mm Spotting Scope offers hours of comfortable, fatigue-free viewing. This Pentax 65mm Spotting Scope also feature a compact, lightweight body with nitrogen-filled waterproof construction (JIS Class 6), a collet-type eyepiece receptacle for an American-standard 31.7mm (1.25 inch) sleeve, a protective rubber housing, and accessible reach by either hand.

When mounted on a tripod, the Pentax 65mm Spotting Scope can be twisted 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise from the default position at top or 180 degrees from side to side along with easy-to-locate pointers at top and 45-degree angles, to assure the best viewing position. The extendible rubber lens hood comes with a sight line to facilitate target-line adjustment.

To optimise the performance of these new spotting scopes including Pentax 65mm ED Spotting Scope, PENTAX has developed three compact, high-performance XF-series eyepieces, all featuring a bright, high-contrast image, an American-standard 31.7mm sleeve and focal lengths ideal for outdoor viewing and bird watching.

The smc PENTAX XF8.5 and XF12 are standard unifocal eyepieces, offering a focal length of 8.5mm and 12mm, and a magnification of 46 and 32.5 times, respectively, with a 60 degree apparent field of view and a long 18mm eye relief. The eyepieces feature an extendible eyepiece ring with four click-stop positions. The smc PENTAX XF Zoom Eyepiece 6.5mm-19.5mm features a focal-length range of 6.5mm to 19.5mm for a magnification of 20 to 60 times, with an apparent field of view of 42 to 60 degrees and an eye relief of 11mm to 15mm.

Pentax 65mm Spotting Scope also offers a user-friendly rubber eyepiece ring to minimize the risk of scratching the observer's eyeglasses. In addition, four smc PENTAX XW-series telescope eyepieces (XW7, XW10, XW14 and XW20) are also usable on the Pentax 65mm Spotting Scope. For added convenience, the spotting scopes including Pentax 65mm Spotting Scope are compatible with the optional PF-CA35 camera adapter, for conversion into high-quality super-telephoto lenses with a focal length of 780mm and a fixed aperture of F12 in combination with a PENTAX 35mm-format SLR camera.

Features - Pentax PF-65ED-A II Angled 65mm ED Spotting Scope

Fully-multi-coated optics in Pentax 65mm Spotting Scope provide maximum light transmission and reduced internal reflections
Pentax 65mm Spotting Scope has ED glass optical elements which provide greater colour accuracy and resolution
Aiming line built into hood for quick subject acquisition
1.25" eyepiece attachment accepts any Pentax eyepiece from a 20x-60x zoom eyepiece to a host of fixed, high quality eyepieces
Pentax 65mm Spotting Scope is water proof and nitrogen filled (JIS Class 6) to handle the most extreme weather conditions
Pentax 65mm Spotting Scope has magnesium alloy body for maximum durability
Rotating tripod collar of Pentax 65mm Spotting Scope allows positioning the scope for comfortable viewing
Pentax 65mm Spotting Scope has full rubber housing that protects the scope from shock and improves handling

Specifications - Pentax PF-65ED-A II Angled 65mm ED Spotting Scope

Type of Prism Porro-Prism Straight Type
Lens Coating Super-Multi-Coated Lens
Optical Elements ED (Extra-Low Dispersion)
Water proof / Fog proof Yes
Nitrogen filled Yes
JIS Class 6 Yes
Tripod Adaptable Yes
Dimensions 10.6x4.7x3.3" / 270 x 120 x 85mm
Weight 37.7 oz / 1,070g
Special Features Built-in Lens Shade w/Sight Line

Accessories Supplied
Pentax 65mm Spotting Scope
Pentax 65mm Spotting Scope Case

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Customer Reviews on Pentax PF-65ED-A II Angled 65mm ED Spotting Scope Body

5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews
Review by ,    ,    Customer Rating:   5 of 5 Stars!

Very good service from Microglobe! The Pentax was out of stock but i received it very quickly after a new batch arrived. Delivered to my door at home. It was very well packaged.
The Pentax 65 ED II with the fixed eyepiece Pentax XF 12 mm 32.5x performs great. Very good contrast and sharpness almost out to the very edge.
Low chromatic aberration at birds against a bright sky. Surprisingly bright view at 32.5 x magnification. Compact and handy with very high quality feeling.
Impressions compared to my binocular Nikon 8x30 EII.

Review by ,    ,    Customer Rating:   5 of 5 Stars!

I needed a compact lightweight scope I could carry in my backpack for bird observations.
Based on numerous reviews I decided on the Pentax. The fact that it can accept standard astronomical eyepieces 1 23" was an extra plus for me because I have several of these already.

After using it for a couple of weeks I can say that it is a perfect choice for me. I ended up using a Pentax XW14 mm wideangle eyepiece with 28x magnificcation and 70 degrees visual angle of view. Much better field of view than the zoom eyepiece. And a nominal magnification of 50-60x is not really an option on scopes with this aperture. The immage with the 14 mm combination is very impressive: big and clear. Sharpness is only limited by be the seeing. Usefull also in less than perfect light conditions.

The scop is very well built. A matte rubber cover with a perfect nice finish. Only the lens covers are a little flimsy and with cold fingers they might slip from you when attaching or removing them. A fine tuning focus knob would be nice but not really nessecary.

An extra plus is the included protection cover which can be left on the scope when in use attached on a tipod. And the front lens flap has a convenient pocket for the lens caps. Total weigt with cover and eyepiece is only 1 61 kg.

With a sturdy lightweigt tripod as the Benro A1685F with S2 videohead 1 73 kg you get a perfect combination to slip into a little backpack and take with you everywhere you go walking or biking. And the price is very attractive compared with the more famous brands.

This has rised my birding to a new level.

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