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Pulsar 940 Infra Red Flashlight

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Pulsar 940 Infra Red Flashlight

The Pulsar 940 IR Flashlight is an essential tool for night hunting. Pulsar makes the best in elite optical products including night vision hunting scopes and binoculars.
Pulsar 940 Infrared Flashlight is a high-powered Infrared illuminator that emits only the shortest wavelength of infrared light, untraceable to the naked eye, means that wildlife or humans cannot see the illumination from your night scope when viewing for security applications or hunting at night but perfectly visible to your night scope. Infrared light gives your night vision scope added seeing power, and the dedicated infrared of the 940 Infrared Light lets you remain in whole darkness. The IR power of the flashlight can be smoothly adjusted. Pulsar 940 IR Flashlight operates in the remote field of the IR-range (940nm). The Pulsar 940 Flashlight is designed for use with digital night vision devices and not recommended for use with Gen.1 or CF-Super NV devices.

Pulsar 940 Infra Red Flashlight

Features -†Pulsar 940 Infra Red Flashlight

Variable beam from spot to flood and has a lockable direction adjustment
Infra Red Flashlight (940) offers covert (invisible to the unaided eye)
Smooth, graduated activation and simple in use
Can be mounted to many of the night rifle scopes
An essential tool for night hunting
Only visible by digital night vision or top-end image intensifiers
Increases the detection range of Digital and Tube based Night Vision Products
Fitted with a Weaver mount and supplied with a Weaver-1/4" Whitworth screw adaptor

Specification - Pulsar 940 Infra Red Flashlight

Lens diameter 24mm
Range of beam divergence 5.7 ... 10 degree
Infra Red Yes
Infra Red Wavelength 940 nm
Battery 2 x AA
Power 200 mw
Range of beam divergence 5.7 ... 10 degree
Range of power adjustment (min/max) 30 ... 200 mw
Average operation time with one set of batteries 2 hours
Operating temperature -20 ... +40 įС
Dimensions 132x45x52mm
Weight (without/with batteries) 140g /190g

Kit Content
Pulsar 940 Infra Red Flashlight
Pouch Case
User Operating Instructions Manual
Manufacturers Warranty

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