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Rifle Scope

A rifle scope indicates a bullet's point of impact and makes distant targets and its surrounding to appear closer. A rifle scope is recommended for safer, and more accurate shooting in the field and on the range. The better you can see your sights and your target, the more accurately you will shoot.

Rife Scopes are made by big brands like Nikon, Pentax, Bushnell and Tasco.
They make them for day light or Night visions for night shootings.
Modern Rifle Scopes got the articles as wire or mill dot. The first Rifle Scope made in 19th Century and since then different technologies applied to improve the accuracy of riflescopes. Generally the bigger is the objective lens of a rifle scope the bigger the field of view and exit pupil.

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Features: Pulsar Weaver SQD Mount Riflescopes to Rifles with Weaver or Picatinny rails Locking Mechanisms Made of Aluminium Transverse Stopper (pin) Specifications: Pulsar Weaver SQD Manufacturer: Pulsar Co


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Metal Housing: Metal parts are widely used in the design and construction of the PSP adapters. The adapter body is milled from aluminum alloy for its high strength and light weight. The screws, retainer clip and pins are manufactured from steel. Quick Release: A th


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Features Dual charging ports Charge level indicators Micro USB-C port Mains charging Slim-Line design Lightweight Specifications Brand: Pulsar Model: 79182 Type: Battery Char


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Features Dedicated power supply Consistent power supply Strong bodyshell Rechargeable Quick-Change power system Long operating time for devices Specifications Battery Type: Li-Ion Rate


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Features Eyesafe Mountable/ Quick-Release system smooth power adjustment IPX7 rated Specification Brand: Pulsar UPC: 4779022924019 Type: IPX7 Warranty: 3 Years Kit


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Features Designed to Put a Smartphone in a Vertical Position Non-Slip Material Construction Securely Installable in Horizontal Surface Specifications Manufacturer: Pulsar Condition: New Warranty: 3 Year Designed For:


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Features 915nm wavelength Laser IR (Safety class 1) Adjust the size of the IR light beam from spot to flood depending on distance 22mm lens diameter Increase the observation range Increase detection range Adjust the position of


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Features Charging the APS2 / APS3 Battery Packs Charges up to Two Battery at a Time Specifications Manufacturer: Pulsar Condition: New Warranty: 3 Year Charging: APS2 / APS3 Battery Packs Kit Content Puls


Find out more about the Pulsar IPS7 Battery Pack

Features Lithium-Ion Chemistry 6400mAh Capacity 10-13 Hours Operating Time 7V Charge Voltage 3.7V Rated Voltage Specifications Manufacturer: Spypoint Condition: New Warranty: 3 Year Type: Li-Ion


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