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Sigma 105mm WR Protector Filter

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Manufacturer Code: AFK9D0
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Brand:  Sigma
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Sigma 105mm WR Protector Filter is a lightweight and durable filter that is specifically designed for use with most of the SLR cameras and lens. This Sigma filter is an essential accessory for outdoor photography and fits to selected lenses with a 105mm filter thread. The protector filter is equally efficient for expert and immature photographer. Also protect front lens surface from dust, scratches, dirt and fingerprints. It feature high grade coated glass that repels water drops and resist smudging from fingerprints. The filter is also treated to exhibit antistatic properties to prevent microscopic dust from clinging to the front surface. The filter is very easy to install & detach from lens.

  • Lightweight and very easy to mount and remove
  • Works with lenses that are threaded for 105mm filters
  • Antistatic coated to keep off microscopic dust clinging to the surface
  • Antistatic coated to keep off microscopic dust clinging to the surface
  • Reduces dust, dirt, moisture, and scratches from reaching front lens element
  • Featuring water & Oil repellent- repels water drops and is fingerprint resistant
  • Clear protection filter and will not disturb colour or contrast, allowing user to pair this filter with others

  • Specifications
  • Model: Weather Resistant Protection
  • Material: Glass
  • Size: 105mm
  • Front Lens Cap Size: 105mm
  • Front Filter Thread Size: 105mm
  • Coating Water, Oil, and Static Repellent
  • Application: Offers Protection for the Camera Lens
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Weight: 56 grams

  • Kit Content
    Sigma 105mm WR Protector Filter
    User Operating Instructions Manual
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    Sigma 105mm WR Protector Filter


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