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Sigma 82mm WR Ceramic Protector Filter

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Manufacturer Code: AFH9E0
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Sigma 82mm WR Ceramic Protector Filter: Sigma 82mm WR Ceramic Protector Filter is a lightweight, durable and thin filter constructed from clear glass ceramic material which is ideal for protective lens filters. In conventional high-strength protective filters, chemically strengthened glass is used but only the surface is strengthened.

This clear glass Ceramic is made with a special heat treatment that precipitates microcrystals evenly throughout, for consistent strength. It combines greater elasticity for excellent shock absorbent resistance and is also resistant to cracking from scratches or chipping. The anti-static water repellent coating prevent water and oil from adhering to the filter surface which helps to minimize ghosting and flare.

It reflects 0.24% of light and giving an overall transmittance value of 99.76%. It features Vickers hardness number of 700HV which make it both scratch and shock resistant. It is included with hard acrylic case protect the filter when not in use. It also guards the front lens element from impacts and scratching without affecting image quality.

Features: Sigma 82mm WR Ceramic Protector Filter
  • Guards the Front Lens Without Affecting Image Quality.
  • Clear Glass Ceramic and Highly Durable.
  • Features Vickers Hardness Number of 700HV
  • Clear Glass Ceramic Involves Heat Treatment Process
  • Anti-static Water-repellent (WR) Coating
  • Reflects 0.24% of Light by Giving an Overall Transmittance Value of 99.76%.
  • Included Hard Acrylic Case Protects the Filter When Not in Use.
  • Thin and Lightweight.

  • Specifications: Sigma 82mm WR Ceramic Protector Filter
  • Type: Clear protector filter
  • Size: 82 mm
  • Filter Factor: 1 (0 stop)
  • Multi-Coated: Water-repellent coating
  • Effect: Protects front lens element
  • Construction: Clear glass ceramic
  • Front Filter Thread Size: 82 mm
  • Front Lens Cap Size: 82 mm

  • Kit Contents
    Sigma 82mm WR Ceramic Protector Filter
    Hard Acrylic case
    User Guide
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    Sigma 82mm WR Ceramic Protector Filter


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