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Sigma 95mm Protector Filter

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Sigma 95mm Protector Filter:
Sigma 95mm Protector Filter is a lightweight and durable protector filter which is specifically designed for use with most of the SLR cameras and lens. The Sigma filter is an essential accessory for outdoor photography and fits to selected lenses with a 95mm filter thread. The protector filter is equally efficient for expert and immature photographer. The filter increases light transmission and colour saturation without affecting the overall colour balance. The filter protect front lens surface from dust, scratches, dirt and fingerprints. It provides no coloration or contrast and very easy to install & detach from lens.

Sigma 95mm Protector Filter

Features - Sigma 95mm Protector Filter

Excellent for outdoor as well indoor applications
Lightweight and very easy to mount and remove
An ideal, colourless filter for regular use- it will not affect colour reproduction
Provides no additional coloration or contrast, allowing you to pair this filter with others
Helps to reduce dust, dirt, and moisture from reaching your front lens element and provides additional protection in case of drops or situations where scratching could occur

Specifications -Sigma 95mm Protector Filter

Type General Protective Filter
Size 95mm
Filter Factor 0
Front Lens Cap Size 95mm
Front Filter Thread Size 95mm
Effect Provides Protection for the Camera Lens

Kit Content
Sigma 95mm Protector Filter
User Operating Instructions Manual

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