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Skywatcher Skymax-102 EQ2 Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope

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Skywatcher Skymax-102 EQ2 Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope:
Skywatcher Skymax-102 EQ2 Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescopes are the ultimate Ďtake-anywhereí telescopes. They are also ideal if working space is limited. Despite their small dimensions they pack a powerful punch. Their High-Resolution, diffraction limited optical systems are multi-coated to maximize contrast and image sharpness. The 102mm optics of this instrument are like all good Maksutov Cassegrains designed to be compact high resolution Planetary Telescopes. It is easily able to cope with surprisingly high powers this Telescope will show fine detail on a wide range of astronomical targets yet it is extremely portable and easy to use.

Skywatcher Skymax-102 EQ2 Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope

††††† Features - Skywatcher†Skymax-102 EQ2 Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope

Red Dot Finder
1.25"/21.7mm Star Diagonal
Ideal for limited work space.
Focusing by Moving Primary Mirror
EQ2 Equatorial Mount
Aluminium Tripod with Accessory Tray
28% more Light Gathering than 90mm

Specification -Skywatcher†Skymax-102 EQ2 Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope

Magnifications (with eyepieces supplied) x52 & x130
Highest Practical Power (Potential) x204
Diameter of Primary Mirror 102mm
Type Maksutov-Cassegrain
Eyepieces† (1.25") 10mm & 25mm
Max aperture (tele) (f/12.74)
Telescope Focal Length 1300mm

Kit Contents:
Skywatcher Skymax-102 EQ-2 Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope
10mm & 25mm Eyepieces
User Operating Instructions Manual
Manufacturers Warranty

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