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Slik Able 300DX Pro Tripod Complete with Head

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Manufacturer Code: IN3395
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Slik Able 300DX Tripod Complete with Head

Description: Slik Able 300DX Tripod with Head

Slik Able 300 DX Tripod With Head is compact, lightweight yet strong tripod that meets the needs of todayís dedicated photographers. It is perfect for studio photography as it set up quickly and easily.

Slik Able 300-DX Tripod head is made from aluminium alloy having the strength and durability to handle a wide variety of digital, 35 mm cameras and lenses. The head is movable in three directions enabling you to place the tripod on one place and take pictures of different object without replacing it repeatedly. The head of Slik Able 300DX tripod features individual pan and tilt locking control.

The head has an all-directional quick release plate with locking facility, which assists you to mount your camera on the tripod head easily and quickly. The multi angle leg locks and adjustable centre column perform a great job in setting up the pod as a grounder for macro photography. For low angle shooting / macro photography, the tripod is adjustable to minimum height of 18.50 in. / 470 mm.

Unique to the Slik Able 300 DX Tripod are its sealed-channel "D" shaped leg extension segments. Each leg is individually extendible to a maximum height of 61.25" (1550mm) and come close to 25.75" (655mm). The anti-rotation groove lock controls rotations in the leg sections, which provide extra stability to the tripod. Slik Able 300 DX tripod legs and centre column are protected with tough clear coating.

Features: Slik Able 300 DX Tripod with Head

Adjustable centre column
Anti-rotation groove lock
Omni-directional quick release plate
Multi angle leg locks - Slik able 300 DX tripod
3-way head with individual pan and tilt locking control.
Sealed-channel "D" shaped leg extension segments
Protective coat on both legs and centre column

Specifications: Slik Able 300 DX Tripod with Head

Maximum Operating Height 61.0 in. / 1,550 mm
Minimum Operating Height 18.50 in. / 470 mm
Maximum Centre Column Extension 10.43 in. / 265 mm
Folded Length - Slik Able 300DX Tripod 25.80 in. / 655 mm
Leg Lock Type Twist Lock
Number of Leg Sections 3
Platform Diameter - Head 54, 47mm
Weight - Slik Able 300DX Tripod 5.75 lbs. / 2,600 grams
Bottom Diameter - Head 39mm
Weight - Head 1.3lbs./ 650grams
Height - Head 1 3/4in. / 9.5mm
Maximum Load - Slik Able 300DX Tripod 11.00 lbs. / 4,980 grams
Camera Mounting Screw - Head U1/4
Tripod Mounting Screw - Head U1/4

Kit contents
Slik Able 300DX Tripod
Slik Pan head
Slik Instruction Manual

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